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unfortunately, people who live in bad areas who don't have time to look after there pets. another reason people abuse animals is on accident or they are taking their own stress out on there animals.

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What are the punishments for animal abuse in Australia?

most likely death or capyivity

What happens when you abuse an animal?

The animal becomes very unhealthy and very frightened and is most likely to be shy around strangers

What year had the most animal abuse?

the year with the most animal abuse is every year,many people like to abuse animal in diffrent ways.Overbreeding and poching animal are some of our main parts of animal abuse.

What is your recommendation about animal abuse?

The recommendation about animal abuse is that it should be reported. There are guidelines and consequences regarding animal abuse in most areas that should be adhered to.

What age group is most likely to abuse alcohol?

Those in their late teens and early 20s are most likely to abuse alcohol.

What are all the types of abuse?

The types of abuse that are out there are children abuse,animal abuse,sexual abuse,and those are most of the main abuses.

How many states dont allow animal abuse?

Most states dont allow animal abuse but not all do .

What country has the most animal abuse?


How many dogs die a day from animal abuse?

On average, about 120,000 dogs die every day worldwide from animal abuse. The most common type of animal abuse is starvation.

What state has the most reports of animal abuse?

I have idea but I am guessing the state with the most crime because animal abuse is illeagal so you would go to jail

What year did animal abuse start?

There are no records of what year animal abuse started. It most likely dates back to when man first started to domesticate animals, if not before. The first law in the United States to protect domestic animals was passed in 1641.

What animal gets the most abuse?

Tropical fish

What is the most common type of animal abuse?


Where is animal abuse most common?

In the islands In the islands

What animal is hurt the most by abuse or cruelty?


What are the effects of animal abuse?

the effects of animal abuse is dying or the animal is taken from animal abuse organizations or charities.

What is the cause of animal abuse?

most causes of animal abuse is hunting, ritual slaughter, animal fights,kill for meat and some people take their anger out on the animals

Is neglect animal abuse?

Yes, neglecting an animal is animal abuse.

Why should there be punishments for animal abuse?

Because it is CRUEL! Besides, people who abuse animals are also more likely to abuse other family members such as their spouses, lovers, or children.

What countries have the most animal abuse?

you know that who answers this question

Which animal will most likely attack you?

No animal is most likely to attack you. There are a LOT of different animals. Chances are, many of them are vicious predators and will attack if threatened, but no animal in particular is likely to attack.The one time an animal is likely to attackis if you bother it but most animals will not attack you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal abuse?

There are no advantages to any animal abuse case. The disadvantages of animal abuse include death of the poor animal.

Can animal abuse be supported?

no animal abuse is a bunch of bull

Can you get arreseted for animal abuse?

yes. animal abuse is illegal

What kind of animals are most abused?

This would depend on your definition of abuse. Some "Animal Rights" groups would suggest that keeping any animal domesticated (cows, horses, oxen) for labor or even as a pet would constitute abuse. Extremist definitions of abuse notwithstanding, it's simple to correlate the number of certain pet species with the level of abuse. Common household pets, consequently, are the most likely to be abused in the conventional sense of the word.