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Who is my birth Mom?

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Your mum is the one who gave birth to you!

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Who gave birth to jazmyn Justin bieber's real mom or his step mom?

By definition, whoever gives birth is the real mom. A replacement mom is by definition a step mom.

What does mom mean?

A mom is the woman who gave birth to you.

Whats a mom?

a mom is a woman that gave birth to you

What episode does naruto's mom give birth to him?

Naruto's mom gave birth in episode 248-249

Is tish Cyrus miley's stepmom or birth mom?

Tish is Miley Cyruss step mom. Miley Cyrus birth mom die when she was little

Why should you love your mom?

Your mom gave birth to you, you owe it to her.

Did Marco plol have a mom?

he does have a mom but she died giving birth to him

What are the fishes that give birth?

the mom ,s give birth

When did Bella give birth?

Your Mom gave birth to you when you were 0.

What is the birth weight of the tiger?

ask your mom she gave birth to one

What is Mom?

A mom is a person that gave birth to you. Really, you should know that by now.


because she gave birth to you, and just in case your wondering, your dad is your dad because he is married to your mom

Can a baby's health be at risk from a mom taking birth control?

Generally, only if mom takes birth control while she's pregnant.

Who is Miley Cyrus' mom?

Leticia "Tish" Linley :] Actually her real mom died when Miley Cyrus was a baby! But her father married tish, and that is now who she considers as her mom, she thinks of tish as her birth mom, although her birth mom is not with us!Her mom name is Tiara Nicole Mackey

What is Superman's birth mother's name?

the name of supermans birth mom is Lara

What is Samantha Urbani's date of birth?

the same night her mom gave birth to her

Does declan galbraith have a mom?

Every human being has a mom, or at least did so at birth.

How old was Eminems mom when he was born?

His mom was 15 years old when he gave birth to him.

Who was the lady to give birth?

your mom---literally

What is the name of melodys birth mom?


What is Norway's birth rate?

Ask your mom.

When was shaun Ellis the wolf man born?

shaun Ellis was born when his mom gave birth to him. shaun Ellis was born when his mom gave birth to him.

Do people have moms?

"Yes, everyone does have a mom. If you did not have a mom you would not have been given birth to. Some others may not know their mom but biologically everyone has to have a mom."

How do leopards reproduce?

by giving birth to there young and getting milk from their birth

What female has given birth to the most number of children in one birth?