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Who is nolan Gerard funk dating?

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Tammin Sursok is not dating Nolan Gerard Funk, Lauren Storm is

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Are Nolan Gerard Funk and Tammin Sursok Dating?

no they aren't and never did but Nolan did think Tammin was cute when he first saw her.

Does Nolan Gerard Funk sing?

yes nolan Gerard funk was a lead character that sung alot in the nickelodeon movie spectacular

When was Nolan Gerard Funk born?

Nolan Gerard Funk's Birthday is July 28th,1986

How old is Nolan Gerard Funk?

Nolan Gerard Funk is 30 years old. He was born July 28, 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Did nolan Gerard funk kiss tammin sursok?


Where does nolan Gerard funk live?

Canada Would Be My Guess

Who plays todd on warehouse 13?

Nolan Gerard Funk

Does nolan Gerard funk lip sync in Spectactular?

yes yes he does

Who does Nolan Gerard Funk play in the movie spectacular?

Nikko Alexander

Who is the drummer in about you now by Miranda Cosgrove?

Nolan Gerard Funk from Spectacular!

Who is the hottest guy in the word?

nolan gerard funk is hot in 2009

Who sings Don't tell me from the movie Spectacular?

nikko-nolan Gerard funk

What was the first song in the movie Spectacular?

The first song was "Don't Tell Me" by Nikko (Nolan Gerard Funk)

What is Nolan Gerard Funk's official fan email address?

Nolan Gerard Funk does not have an official fan email address; however, you can send him fan mail at his representatives' address. Fan Mail Address: Nolan Funk Authentic Talent and Literary Management 20 Jay Street Suite M17 Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA

Who is nolan Gerard funk?

he's a Canadian actor from Vancouver. he played Nikko Alexander in Nickelodeon's "Spectacular!" :D

What are the release dates for Cute Boy of the Week - 2013 Charlie Hunnam vs- Nolan Gerard Funk 1-6?

Cute Boy of the Week - 2013 Charlie Hunnam vs- Nolan Gerard Funk 1-6 was released on: USA: 25 September 2013

What is Nolan Gerard Funk's fan mail address?

nolan Gerard funk c/o island def jam group worldwide plaza 827 8th ave 29th floor new york, new york USA

Who is in the movie Spectacular?

Nolan Gerard Funk is Nikko Tammin Sursok is Courtney Victoria Justice is Tammi Simon Curtis is Royce

Who is the model for James Stark in the House of Night novels?

I belive it is Nolan Gerard Funk who models James Stark.I'm not 1oo% sure!

Is nolan funk Cody linleys brother?

No Nolan Funk is not Cody Linley's brother. A lot of people seem to think that Nolan Funk looks like Cody Linley.

Nolan Gerard Funk how old is he?

he is 22 i cant belive it but he said so him selve he looks 18 but he is 22 i swear he is also hot

Is nolan Gerard funk married?

No he isn't also I wanted to ask you guys something who do YOU think is cuter Kendall Schmidt from big time rush or Nolan Gerald Funk from spectacular I think Kendall is I think Nolan is weird sort of I do NOT like his singing but i like Kendall's by the way Nolan did gymnastics when he was twelve he was 5'6 then now he is 6'1 cool huh Kendall right now is 5'11

How old is nolan funk?

my siter like you

When was nolan funk born?

he was born in 1986 in Canada

What is nolan funk's middle name?

its gerard.