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No one, because there are no current $1000 bills in the US. The last ones were issued in 1945.

Please see the Related Question for more information.

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Is the us 1000 dollar bill still in circulation?


Did the us ever make 1000 dollar billls?

Yes the us mint made a 1000 dollar bill with grover cleveland.

What US dollar bill is Benjamin Franklin on?

he is on the 100 dollar bill..He is on the current $100 bill and was on the half dollar from 1948-1963.

Who is on the American 100 dollar bill?

Benjamin Franklin appears on the front of the current US $100 Dollar bill.

Who is on the current US 2 dollar bill?

Thomas Jefferson

The worth of 1988 1000 dollar bill Canadian?

it is worth 1000 dollars same as us

Is Grover Cleveland on a dollar bill?

No. Cleveland was on the US $1000 bill, but it is not now in circulation. The largest US bill in circulation now is the $100 bill. Washington is on the $! bill.

Who is on the one hundred dollar bill?

Benjamin Franklin, founding father from PA, is on the current US 100-dollar bill.

What US currency bills do not picture a president?

The current $10 bill has Alexander Hamilton and the current $100 bill has Benjamin Franklin.10 dollar bill--Alexander Hamilton 100 dollar bill--Ben Franklin

What is a 1988 1000 dollar bill worth?

If it is a United States 1000 dollar bill, the it is worth.....1000 dollars US. The US treasury accepts all bills produced in the last 100 years at their Numerical Value which is printed on the paper. Maybe you can get a few bucks more if it is historically important(famous bank robbery/Nicholas Cage's last 1000 dollar bill) and a private collector is interested.

Weight of a five dollar bill in grams?

A current US five (or one, or ten, etc.) dollar bill weighs approximately 1 gram.

How thin is a US 1 dollar bill?

All current US bills are 0.11 mm thick.

What is the value of a 1934 C US 1000 dollar bill?

Please check your bill again. No 1934 C $1000 bills were put into circulation. You may be referring to the Federal Reserve District letter; the series letter is next to the date. There's more information at the question "What is the value of a 1934 US 1000 dollar bill?".

What is the value of a 1933 US 1000 dollar bill?

The U.S. did not print any $1000 bills dated 1933. Please check your bill and post a new question.

Is Grover Clevelend on currency?

President Grover Cleveland was on a US one thousand dollar bill (US $1000), but currently the US $100 bill is the highest denomination in circulation.

1862 dollar bill series 268?

I would like to the current value of excellent condition of 1862 US series 268 1 dollar bill.

What is the perivian currency rate to us dollar?

I have a peurvian bill that is for 1000 or mil intis. Is it worth anything?

What does Ireland call dollar bill?

Irish people call the US Dollar bill, a dollar or a dollar bill.

Who is on the current US 500 dollar bill?

There is no current US $500 bill. The last ones were printed in 1945 but carried a 1934 series date. Those bills had a picture of President William McKinley.

What is on the back of a us 50 dollar bill?

The current US $50 has a picture of the Capitol Building.Note that every U.S. bill in current circulation has an identifying caption below the pictures on both sides.

How much is a Vietnam thousand dollar bill werth in US dollar bills?

how much is viet nam motnghin dong 1000 note worth in US dollars

What is the value of a 1963 US 1000 dollar bill?

Please check your bill again and post a new, separate question. The last US $1000 bills were dated 1934. The highest denomination dated 1963 was $100.

What is the mass of a US 1 dollar bill?

All current US bills have a mass of about 1 gram, regardless of denomination.

How much is one American dollar bill worth in the US?

That's a circular question. A current American $1 bill ISa US bill. It's worth its face value only.

Whose signatures are on the US 1 dollar bill?

All current US bills feature the signatures of the Secretary of the Treasury and US Treasurer