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AIG Term Life

Coldwell Bankers

Venus Breeze



Jimmy Dean Sausages

lawyers Weitz & Luxenburg, NY


Video Professor

Natural's Cat Chow, Purina

Merneke Car Care Center

Am. Express

Travel Companion on CNN

Crystal Light

Infiniti Car

Vonage Phone

Dyson Vacuum



Hyundi Car

U.S. Buildings



Direct TV

Colonial Penn Life Insurance


Stop IRS Debt

HSBC Direct Financial Inst

U.S. Airforce


Progresso Soup



Cooking Lite

Steak-umns Burgers



Mama Lucia Meat Balls

Sea Bond

Financial Freedom, reverse mortgage

eDiets Meal Delivery

Aqua Velvet


Mr. Clean

Bayer Products

Old Mutual Investment


Verizon (Both)


Coldwell Bankers


Jimmy Dean Sausages


Natural's Cat Chow, Purina

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Good to know do i can boycott these liers

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Q: Who is on CNN sponsor list?
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Whoever they are, do NOT buy their products.

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The CNN website has a tab called Market that will list any commodity one wants to follow. The web page will list the 52 weekly highs and lows of any commodity.

Is London East Bank College in black list?

I am afraid I have to say that college does not exit in the UKBA sponsor list.

What is the telephone number for CNN Atlanta and CNN New York?

On their website CNN list 404.827.1500 as the contact number for news tips. If you go to their website homepage you can view many ways to contact them via email. See the related link for info.

Who of the following people cannot sponsor a bill in Congress?

We don't have the list, so your answer depends on the list. The president doesn't make laws.

London college of engineering and management?

I am afraid I have to say that college does not exist in the UKBA sponsor list

Who was the Indian singer that found place in the CNN top 20 global music icon list?

Asha Bhosle

What is the Stock symbol for CNN?


Does CNN lie?

yes sometimes

What part of speech is the word sponsor?

Verb - to sponsor : or noun - a sponsor

How can you watch CNN US in the UK?

The last time I was there it was called CNN, UK and there wasn't the US CNN. You could log in on line to US CNN site.

What are the release dates for CNN Newsroom - 1989 CNN Newsroom?

CNN Newsroom - 1989 CNN Newsroom was released on: USA: 28 January 2012

Which country does CNN belong to?

which country does cnn belong to

What channel is CNN on?

CNN on comcast is on channel 25

Does CNN have a newspaper?

cnn have no newspaper.u have to watch t.v for it

Who is the CNN owner?

CNN is owned by Time Warner.

What are names of CNN announcers?

what are the names of the cnn anouncers

What is the noun for sponsor?

The verb sponsor and the noun sponsor are both spelled the same.

What is the present tense for sponsor?

I sponsor

How many countries have CNN tv station?

CNN is available in all countries hence the name, "CNN International."

Where can one find a current foreign currency exchange rate?

Cnn has a very useful and accurate exchange rate calculator. After accessing the cnn money homepage, click the Markets tab on the top, and then slide to currencies. There is a large list of convergence options.

Where could one find a list of the fortune 500 companies?

You can visit CNN and go to the magazine section and see a link that says "List of the Fortune 500 companies". Most likely online business or news related articles would most likely acquire that type of information; Make sure that its in a column of fortune and money on CNN.

Who created CNN?

Ted Turner created CNN in 1980.

What does CNN stands for?

CNN stands for Cable News Network