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Q: Who is regarded as the custodian of fundamental rights?
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Who is called custodian of fundamental rights?


Who is the custodian of fundamental rights?

president of India

Who is the custodian of fundamental rights in India?

Supreme Court

Are fundamental rights justiciable?

yes fundamental rights are justiciable.

Who provides us fundamental rights?

constitution provides us fundamental rights

When was Fundamental Rights Agency created?

Fundamental Rights Agency was created in 2007.

Are fundamental human rights not fundamental?

By strict definition, they are. However, what some like to call fundamental human rights aren't treated as fundamental in many cases.

What are the duties of the Bill of Rights?

The Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties.

What was regarded as the fundamental law of human society in the past?


What is the difference between fundamental rights and fundamental duties?


Difference between human rights and fundamental rights?

What are the distinctions between Human Rights and Fundamental Rights?Fundamental rights are similar to human rights but are different in the sense that they have legal obligations and are enforceable in a court of law but human rights do not have such legal obligations and are not enforceable in courts. The other distinctions between HR and FR are as below:v Human rights are relatively new concept while fundamental rights are protected by constitutions of various countries is older.v While there is no consensus on universal human rights, fundamental rights are specific and have legal sanction.v Human rights are more basic in nature than fundamental rights.v Human rights are applicable to all human beings on the earth whereas fundamental rights are country specified.

How can one receive fundamental rights?

Everyone in the United States receives fundamental rights. These rights are also called "basic rights" and "inalienable rights". Not all countries have these rights for people who live there.

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