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The apartment complex master policy

2006-02-27 15:55:03
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What is the difference between a home and an apartment?

It kind of means the same thing, just some of the part are different.A home means you live in it and it belongs to you.A apartment means you live in a part of the building and it doesn't belong to you/it belongs to you. (If you bought the apartment)

Do you have rights to your inherited property during a divorce?

If you are divorcing your spouse and the property belongs to your spouses family then no, you have no rights.If the property belongs to your family then a divorce should have no affect to inheriting property

What difference between installationa and organizational property?

TPE or Instillation property cannot deploy. It belongs to the instillation. Org or Orginizational property belongs to the unit and can/will deploy with them.

Can an executor rent property that belongs to an heir?

No, they can only rent property that belongs to the estate. If it hasn't been transferred to the heir, it is still a part of the estate.

What is joint marital property?

It means it is all the property that belongs to a married couple only.

Can you graffiti your wall?

I think so its your property the inside of you walls like you bedroom ets you can do whatever you like but dont be so sure about the outside of your house because that land steel belongs to the company so dont try it

What is a communal property?

It is something which belongs to a commune or community.

How can your heir property be taken from you?

Once he estate has been duly probated the property belongs to you absolutely. However, once it belongs to you it is vulnerable to any creditors of yours. If you are sued for a debt and the creditor is successful it can record a lien against the property.

How do they tell what property belongs to who during bankruptcy?

Its on record, Its on record,

Is the Eiffel Tower Commercial property?

It belongs to the City of Paris

What are the laws regarding an 18-year-old's possessions such as a bedroom set given to them as a gift when they move out of their parents' house?

Common law dictates any property specified as a gift belongs unequivocally to the recipient. (It's yours!)

Can an executor of an heir eviction a sibling from property that they live in of the deceased?

They do have that ability to have them removed. The property belongs to the estate and the executor is responsible for it. They can rent or sell the property.

If you buy a property with a foot trail that connects to another property with no structures what is your obligation to keep or maintain that trail?

You're only obligated to maintain that property which belongs to you.

Can a spouse sell any personal property while they are separated?

If the property rightfully belongs to the spouse, then yes they can sell it. If they do not rightfully own the property, then they cannot legally sell the personal property.

Can a person insure property that belongs to someone else?

No, in order to get an insurance policy on property you need to have an insurable interest. Meaning you need to own the property or have some other interest in the property.

Can someone throw away your belongings without permission?

No, because your belongings are YOURS. If the belongings were theirs being kept in your home / bedroom, then yes they can because the items are only being held in your vicinity. But something that is YOUR property belongs to you, and only you can make a decision about whether or not to dispose of it.

If both parents die and a child is on the deed to their property does the child have to pay inheritance tax on this property?

No. If you owned the property in a joint tenancy with the right of survivorship their interest in the property "disappeared" at death and the property belongs to you alone.

What is the term for a classless society where control of wealth and property belongs to the state?


Who is responsible for your car it went in a sinkhole if it is on private property?

Whoever the car belongs to.

Can a tenant insured rented property?

Usually your renter's policy covers whatever you bring into the property that does not become a permanent part of the property. Your renter's policy cannot cover property that belongs to the landlord.

Can an heir alter property without permission of executor of an estate?

The property belongs to the estate. The executor is responsible for the estate and any change to the property needs to go through them.

Who is responsible for car vandalism on a rental property the landlord or the tenant my car is parked in a reserved parking space at my apartment complex which I pay every month?

Unless your rental agreement specifies liability belongs to the landlord, it would be very unusual for the landlord to have any liability.

What are some items found in the bedroom?

Some items found in a bedroom would include: a bed, a dresser, possibly a television, maybe some posters, windows, curtains or blinds (depending on windows), things that the person the bedroom belongs to specifically likes, and the person that owns the room who sleeps in it at night!!

Does Homeowners lien carry to the new property owner?

Yes, it belongs to the land and not the owner.

Can executors rent a property that belongs to an estate?

Yes, as long as it is at fair market value.