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Assuming that the other diver hit the object accidentally, you cannot impute the damage to your car to the other guy for hitting road debris, just like you cannot blame another driver for kicking up a stone that cracks your windshield. Those are not acts of negligence. That is what collision and comprehensive insurance is for. (Usually, the former covers damage from striking objects, and the latter covers damage from striking animals.)

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If you hit an object on the freeway and caused damage to a friend's car can you be held liable for the damage or deductible in CA?

More than likely, yes. The car was the responsibility of the person driving it at the time of damage, regardless of the circumstances. You are NOT liable for any part of the damage (including deductible) as long as you are driving with your friend's permission. No, you are not responsible for the damage.

Is alzheimer's a traumatic brain injury?

No, its certainly a type of progessive brain injury (neurodegenerative), but TBI refers to a physical object penetrating the brain and causing damage.

What happens when a car drops something in the freeway and it hits your car?

If the object came off the other vehicle there liability coverage will pay for the damage. If it came off the road and was just kicked up by their vehicle then they are not liable for the damage. In that case it is called road hazard and would not be covered by the other parties insurance. Your insurance will pay for it if you have physical damage coverage on your vehicle.

What is tension and compression?

Tension and compression takes place when an object has a force on another object. The tension is when the force is causing a pulling effect on part of the object. The compression is when the force is causing a contracting effect on part of the object.

What is changing by contact?

causing a neutral object to become charged by touching it with a charged object.

What you get when you multiply an object' an object mass times of acceleration?

You find the net force on the object that's causing the acceleration.

Three things that can happen when radiation strikes an object?

When radiation strikes an object, it can reflect it, causing it to bounce off. It can refract it, causing the radiation to be bent in direction. Or it can be absorbed.

What will happen to the density of an object if you heat it up?

When you heat an object, its volume increases, causing a decrease in density.

What is the effect of frictionon the motion of an object?

Friction universally counteracts the motion of an object, causing it to slow down.

How can you double the acceleration of an object if you cannot alter the object s mass?

Double the force which is causing the acceleration

What defined as a push or pull on an object causing a change in motion?

Force: A push or pull on an object. true

What is an example for a force causing an object to start moving?

Gravity, a push

The primary cause of foreign object damage is?

Bird collisions

What is the purpose of foreign object debris (FOD) program?

The purpose is to prevent foreign object damage.

What object refracts light through it causing you to see the colors of the rainbow?

a prism

Why do object expand?

The atoms within the object move fasterand bounce off each other at a greater rate causing them to be spread out

Does falling damage the object?

It's not the's the sudden stop.

How does wind erode things?

When the wind pass by on an object, the wind slowly takes away little bits of matter causing the object to get smaller.

What is some information on optical illusions?

optical illusions are an object causing false impressions

Does homeowner insurance cover a leaky roof?

If the leak was the result of the age of the roof, or nomal wear and tear, no. However, if the leak resulted from a covered cause of loss (such as a large object hitting the roof and causing a hole, it probably would. However, in the latter case, the homeowner would have an obligation to guard against additional damage to minimize the damage.

What would cause extreme damage to a cars paint?

A sharp metal object.

What is the meaning for corrosive acid?

corrosive acid is an acid which can damage an object harshly.

What force oppses the motion of an object falling through the air?

Nothing is opposing an object falling to earth. Gravity is causing an object to fall back to earth which is opposing the object from leaving earht. If anything the force that opposes gravity is the force at which an object is projected.

Why object float in the moon?

because the moon have a very strong gravitational pull so the object cannot stay put, therefore causing it to float

What causes a lightning spark?

This is caused when the protons and electrons (when transfering from object to object) are cut off and sone protons and electrons meet causing a spark.

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