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Who is responsible for a parent's financial obligations after admitting the parent into a nursing home?

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If the parent is suffering from a form of dementia or an illness that prevents he or she from conducting their personal and financial affairs then adult guardianship is needed if there is no power of attorney in place. Generally the costs is paid by the patient's insurance (private, Medicare, Medicaid). The social worker or nursing home administrator will assist the family in issues surrounding the admittance and care of the person including financial matters. The amount of Medicare and/or Medicaid is determined by the financial status of the patient in relation to federal and state laws governing the matter. Family members are not personally responsible for the costs of the patients care even if they hold POA or legal guardianship.

2006-08-18 13:12:22
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Is my dad responsible for his credit cards if he is put in a nursing home?

Yes, going into a nursing home does not eliminate his financial responsibilities.

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Are adult children responsible for the medical bills of a parent?

Only if they signed an agreement promising to do so. Admittance forms into a hospital, medical facility, nursing home, for medical procedures and so forth are not considered financial agreements to pay costs incurred unless they state otherwise, if so, the presenter must inform the signer of the obligations attached.

Is there financial aid for nursing school?

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Who is responsible for debt incurred in nursing facility if the POA changes during the time the debt is being paid on?

The principal is responsible for their own debts. A Power of Attorney doesn't create any obligations in the attorney-in-fact to take personal responsibility for the debts of the principal unless the AIF mishandled funds.

Can a grandchild be responsible for debt of nursing home?

No, unless the granchild guaranteed the nursing home bills. Otherwise, grandpa, or grandpa's estate would be solely responsible for the bills.

Who is ultimately responsible for everything that happens within a hospital including the medical and nursing care provided?

The nursing care supervisor is responsible for the entire hospital, even over the doctors.

Where do American nursing homes get funding?

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Can a nursing home force a sale of a home with joint ownership?

No. Not unless the other joint owner agreed to be responsible for paying for the owner who is in the nursing home.

What is the responsibilities of AIN when admitting a new resident in nursing home?

They need to get all of the information possible. Everything needs to be ready ahead of time in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Are children responsible for living parents' debts when the parents are confined to a nursing home?

In such a situation the children/family members would only be responsible for payment of such debts if they had entered into a written contract/agreement with medical and/or health care providers. If a parent, spouse or relative is unable to sign his or herself into a medical facility or nursing home the signer should be very clear on what, if any conditions are attached for taking the action for the patient. Usually admitting someone to a facility when that someone cannot take the steps themselves will not make the signer obligated to pay expenses.

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Does a nursing home for a credit check or a credit report before admissions?

Nursing homes often conduct credit checks before admitting residents. The costs of the care has to be covered. Part of the admissions process would be a standard credit check to make sure the costs can be afforded.

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What if you need To be in a nursing home but you make too much to qualify for medicaid but not enough to pay for the nursing home?

As long as you meet the non-financial factors of eligibility for Medicaid, the State will expect you to apply your "excess" income/assets to your nursing/medical care and the Medicaid will pick up the remainder of the medical/nursing bills.

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