Workplace Health and Safety

Who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace?

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2013-01-09 13:14:26

Everyone is responsible for health and safety in the workplace.

Management is responsible for providing workers with the necessary

tools, training and protective equipment to perform the work

safely, and with the time and direction to do so. The worker is

responsible for following the safety rules and using the

appropriate controls and protective equipment to work safely. There

are regulatory board that enforces health and safety in the

workplace That would have to depend on the location of your

workplace and the industry or nature of your business. Say for

example here in the U.S., people working in construction sites can

visit OSHA for their health and safety guidelines, people working

in mining sites can visit MSHA for it. You just need to know what

is the safety regulatory board in your location for your industry

so that you can get of all the health and safety requirements for

different workplaces in your area..

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