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Sherrifes Dept. Or Impound Lot< Have to have proof!!!!

2008-04-02 06:41:33
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If you car is impounded by the sheriffs in Alabama are they required to inventory the belongings left in the car?


How do you use the word sheriffs in a sentence?

The sheriffs badge was solid gold.

What is a sheriffs lien?

A sheriffs lien occurs when a person gets in debt and their property or assets are seized. They are then sold by the sheriffs department to repay the debt.

What is the price of a car getting impounded?

Varies greatly depending on which agency had you impounded and what tow service they use. My particular county= roughly $1200-1300 for a 30 day impound plus the tow fee, plus about $50 for the County Sheriffs to sign the release, $65 if the City PD gotcha. Cost's more if they registration isn't current as you must pay it up before they'll sign a release.

What is the singular form for sheriffs?

The singular form of the plural noun 'sheriffs' is sheriff.

Do you have list of county sheriffs in Florida?

You can find a list of Florida sheriffs at the URL associated with this answer.

Where do the Hillsborough county sheriffs office in florida take such items as an impounded lawn mower and weed eater?

They may be at any of the Sheriff's Office sub-stations or may be held in the central property office. Call the following number for further information&gt; (813) 247-8200

How did the sheriffs help king William?

The sheriffs of the country helped King William the Conqueror by collecting taxes. He also ordered the sheriffs to arrest people who could not or would not pay taxes.

What is the plural possessive case for sheriff?

The plural form of the noun sheriff is sheriffs. The plural possessive form is sheriffs'.example: All sheriffs' training and qualification is done at the state level.

Do sheriffs need schooling?


How do you spell sheriffs?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "sheriffs." (marshals)The possessive form is sheriff's as in Sheriff's Department.

Who counts the Electoral vote in Ireland?

Different regions have their own Returning Officers. They and their staff are responsible for the running of election counts. The returning officers are Circuit Court Registrars or City Sheriffs.

Who employs a csi?

the sheriffs department

Are sheriffs magistrates?

No a magistrate is a judge

Can you get a sheriffs card in Pennsylvania with a felony?


Is the word sheriff a singular or a plural?

The word sheriff is singular.The plural would be sheriffs.An example sentence for the singular is: the sheriff is coming over now.An example sentence for the plural is: the neighbouring sheriffs all attended the conference.

Who votes for local officials such as sheriffs and commissioners?

Sheriffs are generally elected by voters of a county. Commissioners are municipal employees and are therefore not elected by voters.

What has the author Christopher Hubert Beaumont written?

Christopher Hubert Beaumont has written: 'The law relating to sheriffs and their officers' -- subject(s): Sheriffs

When can you get your gun permint?

Your local sheriffs department.

Can a sheriffs department repossess your car?


Who is ranked higher sherriffs or constables?


If you hide from a Sheriffs what can happen?

It depends on what they are looking for you for.

What has the author Larry A Giddings written?

Larry A. Giddings has written: 'Manual on training for sheriffs' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Police training, Sheriffs

Can Sheriffs arrest you?

Of course a Sheriff can arrest! They are Law Enforcement officers, except they typically work for a county (rather than a city). Sheriffs, by the way, are the historically oldest law enforcement type in the US, I believe.

What has the author C Sheriffs written?

C. Sheriffs has written: 'Using chlorophyll fluorescence as a means of identifying the drought tolerance of woody shrubs in vitro and in vivo'