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The owner of the truck would be liable.

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Q: Who is responsible for repairs when an object flies out of a pick-up truck and shatters your windshield?
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Who is responsible for your windshield if you follow behind a dump truck with a sign saying stay back 200 feet?

If an object which strikes your windshield is picked up off the road and thrown by the tires, that truck driver is not responsible. If the object which hit your windshield came out of a gap in the tailgate, over the top of the bed, etc., then he is responsible, regardless of what warning signs are on the tailgate.

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Who is responsible for repairs when an object flies off the back of a truck and puts large dent in your car and you have a passenger with you who witnessed the incident?

Technically the vehicle that lost the object. Unfortunately you have to prove what vehicle it came from and regardless of how many witnesses you have in your car, you need a witness from outside your car.

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