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New York is not a community property state, solely owed debts are the responsibility of the spouse who incurred such. Assets belonging to the deceased that are not considered exempt under state probate laws will be used to pay outstanding debts according to the priority. The surviving spouse is entitled by law to specific amounts of property and assets that are not subject to probate distribution or creditor action. NY is a TBE state therefore the family home and all belongings, at least one vehicle, death benefits from life insurance policies, some pensions (or a portion thereof)and any joint marital assets or property do not become a part of probate procedure and cannot be attached or incumbered for creditor debt. THEY WILL GO AFTER HIS ESTATE FOR THE MONEY

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Q: Who is responsible for the debt on your late husband's credit cards if he passed away and he had a couple of credit cards in his name only and you live in New York?
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My husband passed away and had a credit card in his name only. Is the surviiving spouse responsible for paying off the balance?

Only if the couple resided in a community property state at the time of death.

Who is responsible for credit card debt after someone passes away?

No one. The family is not responsible for the debt. Credit cards want people to think they are, but it is volunteer to pay/assume the debt of the person who passed away.

Is the husband respoNsible for spouse credit card debt if the spouse has passed away?

Debts of the spouse are considered to have benefited both of them. He can be held responsible for the debts.

Who is responsible for the debt on your late wife's credit cards if she passed away last week and she had a couple of credit cards in her name only and you live in Maryland?

Maryland is not a community property state, therefore the surviving spouse is not responsible for repayment of debt that was solely incurred by the deceased. The debts will become a part of the deceased's estate and will be handled according to state probate laws.

If a parent passed away and their child was an authorize user on their credit card who is responsible for the debt?

It would depend on the age of the child.

If you and your husband are joint tenants on credit cards are you responsible for the debts if he has passed away?

Yes. When an account is jointly held, all parties are equally responsible for the entire amount owed.

Are you responsible for your deceased parent's credit card debt?

If the estate has any assets, the estate should pay for the debt before anything is passed on to the heirs. If there are no assets the credit card company will just have to write it off. You are not held responsible unless you co-signed for the card.

Who is responsible for your credit card debt after your death in Ontario?

I live in California, and my grandmother passed away and I contacted the credit card companies, told them she died, sent a death certificate, and they took care of the debt.

Who is responsible for grandmother's credit card debt?

Grandmother is. If she's passed away, then it's the responsibility of her estate as a whole, not the responsibility of any specific person.

In the U.K.your husband has passed away are you responsible for paying his credit card debt if his name is the only one on his credit card account?

The "you" who would be responsible for his credit card debt would be the benefactors of his estate. In most states, that automatically goes to the wife. I would check with an attorney before liquidating any assets to pay the debt.

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In the state of Ohio is a spouse responsible for medical bills or credit card debt after the spouse has passed away?

My husband has termial cancer and I was wondering when he passes will I be responible for any credit card debts he has and any of his medical bills? We live in the state of Ohio.

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Mother passed leaving land and house to three children one is the executor are you responsible for credit card debt in Florida?

The estate is responsible for the credit card debt. The assets of the estate cannot be distributed before the debts of the estate are paid. The executor is bound by law to give notice of the death to creditors. You should seek the advice from the attorney who is handling the estate.

Your Mom passed away with no estate and you have joint credit cards that she put you on Can you tell the creditors you can't pay them without hurting your credit?

if you are a joint user(you signed papers) then NOPE you're just as responsible. If you are an authorized user that may be different ans something to check into.

My grandmother passed away and she co-singed for on a loan for a garage on the property with her son-in-law. Who is responsible for paying the debt since she has passed?

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If your mother had 15000 in credit card debt and you were an authorized user and she passed away and you were charged 1400 by the credit card company are you responsible for paying that amount?

In general if the card was used after the person died, the user is responsible for the debt. In some cases the person using the card could possibly be face fraud charges. The laws of the state in which the deceased resided governs the penalties and/or responsibilities of said action.

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