Who is responsible for the medical bills of a pregnant teenager of divorced parents in Washington state?

The parent who has the custodial and legal right to the child/teenager is responsible for the medical bills of the pregnant teenager. However, if the court ruled for one of the parents to provide medical care that person is responsible for the medical bills. In that case, the court ruled parent is primary payor and the other parent is the secondary payor. The teen should be made to be responsible by helping to pay for the care of herself and perhaps the boy who got her pregnant. If she chooses to give the baby up for adoption, the adopting parents may pay for her pregnancy care and delivery. There are also free clinics that can help out, places like Planned Parenthood or Crisis Pregnancies Counseling Centers. Beware, Planned Parenthood is pro-abortion. Abortion is not very safe for young teens and our country really needs babies that can be adopted. If the teenager choses to keep the baby the father should help with care and expenses of the child. Time for them to grow up!