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The livestock owner is.

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Q: Who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of property line fence used to control livestock?
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Does the management company for an hoa have authority to stop lawn maintenance on private property?

The management company can control vendor work on association property. Whoever owns the 'private property' is responsible for its maintenance and can direct vendors who maintain it.

What is the purpose of a property maintenance company?

The aim of a property maintenance company is to maintain the appearance and functionality of your facility. Some of the typical services offered by a property maintenance company are: HVAC service, roof repair, parking lot repair, landscape maintenance and snow removal.

Who is responsible for maintaining tree overgrowth over property lines?

In most cases, the owner of the trees or bushes is responsible for maintaining them. However, if the overgrowth extends onto your property, you have the right to control it.

Do wildlife control agencies handle problems with squirrels in your attic?

No, generally wildlife control agencies will only handle problems with animals on public property. You are responsible to deal with problems on your own property.

If your tree is hanging over onto a neighbors roof who is responsible for cutting the tree back?

you are responsible for your property. with that being said if your tree grows out of control onto your neighbors property then you must pay for the removal and its damaged that is caused.

Do all keys have to be handed to the executor of a will?

The executor is responsible for all estate property. They control who has access to that property. It is common for them to collect the keys or have the locks changed to preserve the estate.

Who is responsible if a dog kills your dog?

this all depends on where it happened. If your dog was on its own property leased or fenced in and the other dog was unleashed and coming on to your property and kills your dog the owner of the other dog is definitely responsible. If your dog got loose and wandered on to the other property you are responsible. If this happened in the street then which ever dog was off-leash the owner of that dog is fully responsible. That is why it is sad when a person does not have control of their animal.

Are you responsible for your dog biting another dog on your property?

You could be and the answer to that depends on the leash laws in your area. Call animal control to find out.

Who is responsible for back taxes owed by deceased with no estate?

The person(s) who control any property left behind by the deceased.If the taxes exceed the value of the property, then the government will not be able to collect the difference.

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There are pros and cons on both options.Pros/ house --You have total control over the property, including upkeep, use and style of architectureYou can plant flowers lawns, trees, shrubs according to your personal choiceYou can store motorcycles, RVs, extra cars and most anything else on your property (as allowed by local law)You can keep any pets you want (as allowed by local law)You can use the investment as a primary residence, a second home or a rental propertyCons/ house --Depending on the size of the property, you are responsible for 100% of its upkeep -- for a single person, a senior person or a student, this can be too much responsibilityPros/ condominiumYou are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your unit, and your assessment payments cover upkeep and maintenance of the rest of the property, which you own in common with all other owners, whether you are in residence or notDepending on your governing documents, you may be able to rent or lease your unitCons/ condominiumStorage and parking are limitedAccess to gardening resources is limited and may not existYou may or may not be able to keep a pet; pet sizes and some breeds are definedYour neighbors -- and their sounds and smells -- are usually only a wall or a floor awayYou are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the interior unit that you own, even if you do not live in the condominiumPros/ BothYou can deduct mortgage interest and property taxesYou can make a profit on the sale of real estateCons/ BothYou are tied, geographically, to a specific localeYou are responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and 'curb appeal' of your property, even if you are not in residence in the property that you own

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What are the duties of a bar supervisor?

This position is responsible for assisting the Bar Manager with all operations of the bar department on board, including stock control, staff supervision and maintenance of budgets.

What has the author D D Jones written?

D. D. Jones has written: 'Wind and Snow Control for the Farmstead' 'Methane Generation From Livestock Waste' 'Aerobic treatment of livestock wastes' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Liquid Farm manure, Manure handling 'Troubleshooting Livestock Environmental Control Systems' 'Natural Ventilation for Livestock Housing'

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§ I am responsible for maintenance and continual improvement of Document Control Management System as per ISO Standard. Monitor the document control requirements on an ongoing basis so as to make recommendations for any improvements in the system if necessary.

Can animal control put a lien in the property?

what do you mean by property? But a lien can go in animal control.

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Maintenance Operation Control Center (MOCC) personnel

How does the beneficiary of a trust prove to renters that he is entitled to lease and collect rent on property?

The beneficiary of a trust is not entitled to lease and collect rents on property. The trust property is managed by the trustee and the title to the property is held by the trustee on behalf of the trust. The property is managed by the trustee according to the terms of the trust. Generally, the trustee is responsible for distributing the income and profits to the beneficiaries but the beneficiaries have no control over the trust property.

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What can you do if a property manager is hindering you selling your home?

Look at your agreement with the property manager and see what your agreement is. Probably they are not responsible for making the key available, keeping the house clean and so on. It is difficult to control what the house is like when someone else is living there.

What has the author John Ronald Miner written?

John Ronald Miner has written: 'Odors from livestock production' -- subject(s): Animal waste, Odor control, Livestock

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Caption is the Default Property.

What does the Enfield Council control?

The Enfield Council is in control of Pest control of the United Kingdom. They are in control of the care for livestock as well as foods that are grown within the UK so they aren't invaded with pests.

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The absorption of heat by the breaking of hydrogen bonds.

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