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Depends what the court order says. Try working it out in Conciliation Court. For more info see GRANTING CUSTODY

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Q: Who is responsible for transporting the children to and from visitation with non-custodial parent?
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Does the noncustodial parent have to bring back the children to the custodial parents after a visit?

Yes, unless there are other arrangements mentioned in the visitation order. The non-custodial parent shouldn't expect the custodial parent to do the transporting. Taking your own parental responsibilities seriously is character building.

Can a noncustodial parent who is incarcerated still have visitation with their children?

In Illinois, if a court finds that the visits would be in the best interests of the child, then yes.

Does the non custodial parent have the right to move within the state and not tell the custodial parent the address and phone number?

Generally the noncustodial parent may move anywhere - within or outside the state where the children live. The court grants the noncustodial parent the right to visit the children but does not force the noncustodial parent to take advantage of that right. However, a court may require the noncustodial parent to provide the custodial parent with contact information and, where issues develop about the care or safety of the children, the court may require supervised visitation or at least that the noncustodial parent advise the custodial parent where the children will be.

What is restricted visits mean?

The courts generally want to maximize the potential for the children to develop lasting, lifelong relationships with both parents while also considering the physical, mental, emotional, or moral health of the children. Restricted visitation means that the noncustodial parent's access to the child is restricted in some way. The specific restrictions will be outlined in the court order. It usually involves visitation with the child(ren) in the presence of the custodial parent or a hired visitation supervisor who is responsible for ensuring the safety of those involved.

Are child support payments by the noncustodial parent required if the custodial parent is remarried?

In general, yes. The payments are for the children, not the parent. The step-parent is not legally responsible for the children unless he adopts them.

Should your ex be allowed to leave the kids with his girlfriend during visitation?

If your husband's girlfriend is mature and responsible and your children like her then there is no reason the children can't be left with her. If you don't feel she is responsible to look after them or the children don't like her then have your husband return the children to you if he has to leave their residence.

If your children are old enough to decide for themselves they don't want visitation with the noncustodial parent can child support be stopped or reduced?

Only if they are past the age of majority, which is when they are legally old enough to make that choice. see links below

Can noncustodial parent claim exemption if never visiting children as agreed?


Can a teenaged child choose not to visit noncustodial parent in Florida?

Children who are at an age of understanding, and able to make informed decisions for themselves (to a point) can choose to reduce or stop visitation. If possible, the custodial parent can petition the court to modify the custody and visitation with the request of the teenager, and the Judge may want to ask the teen some questions regarding their choice.

When does non-custodial parent get summer visitation with children?

The visitation order determines the time that the non custodial parent may have with the minor child/children.

Does a child have a right to visit grandparents in GA?

There is no presumptive right of grandparent visitation in the United States. However, in several states, including Georgia, a grandparent can request visitation from the court. They can do this by either filing a petition for visitation or joining an existing custody/visitation case for the subject children. The court will not assume that it is in the child's best interest for the grandparents to have visitation with the children over the parent's objection-- rather, the grandparents must prove that this visitation is in the best interest of the children and further that it is harmful to them to be deprived of this visitation. Eva

Would godparents be able to get visitation rights?

No. Godparents are not recognized as having the legal status to petition the court for visitation rights to minor children. That being the case, visitation of minor children would only be possible if the custodial parents voluntarily allowed it.

Child Visitation Letter?

Get StartedWhen a divorce decree awards custody of minor children to one parent, visitation rights are generally given to the noncustodial parent. Some courts also recognize that grandparents have visitation rights. The divorce decree often provides specific details regarding child visitation.This document allows either parent to advise the other parent of the arrangements for a child's visit. In addition to specifying the time and location of pickup and return of the children, this program permits the user to identify special activities involved with the visit that the other parent should know.

I understand that in the state of Georgia a grandparent can file a petition for visitation rights providing they meet certain requirements. What are the requirements?

You must prove that the health or welfare of the children would be harmed unless the visitation was granted and that granting the visitation would be in the best interest of the children.

Noncustodial parent doesn't want to get job to pay child support but wants to follow decree on visitation?

In this economy where there are six men for each job, what do you expect him to get. As for the children, denying him access is several times more costly to the children and the trouble they could bring upon society as teens and adults. Non-payment of child support doesn't create murders. Fatherless children do. see link below.

Can you move children out of state without permisson of the father in the state of Texas?

That depends on the custody and visitation order that is currently in place. I suggest you read it for an answer and if it isn't outlined or otherwise stated, the father has the right to file an objection to your move. Also, if your move would present a hardship to him in terms of visitation, the court may rule that you are responsible for paying his expenses when traveling to visit his children.

If a father has visitation rights and chooses not to see his child for 5 years does he forfeit his visitation rights?

Yes because he has abandoned the children.

Sentence with word visitation?

During the divorce proceedings, the wife got custody of the children but the husband still has visitation rights on weekends.

Can a custodial parent prevent the noncustodial parent from talking to their children on the phone?

Maybe, if the absent parent does not share custody in any manner and there is not a visitation order in place, a custodial parent can take whatever action he or she chooses in regards to a minor child. However, courts do not look favorably upon any parent who does not allow the other parent to have a relationship with his or her minor child/children unless there is substantiated reasons (child abuse, endangerment, etc.) for the action. A parent who is being denied access to his or her child/children can file suit for visitation and/or custodial rights if they so choose.

Are new children of a noncustodial parent taken into consideration in a child support order in the state of Louisiana?


What percent should a noncustodial parent pay in child support In Florida?

That depends on the number of children involved.

Can ex husband lose visitation with his children if he fails to show up for visitation hearing?

There won't be a visitation order entered if the other party doesn't show up. However, the court will likely reschedule the hearing.

What should you do if the non custodial parent drinks or is drunk when driving the children?

It is the responsibility of all parents to protect their children from harm to the best of their ability. If there is an order of visitation in place, the custodial parent may withhold the non custodial parents right to such visitation if he or she believes it would place the child/children in a environment of endangerment. The parent may then petition the court to have the visitation order be amended (such as an order for supervised visitation) or rescinded if circumstances warrant. Please be advised, if the non custodial parent contests the issue of withholding visitation or the custodial parent files for a change of visitation, he or she must have substantiated evidence to uphold their allegations.

How does the father get visitation of his children if the mother isn't in complience?

The father must return to court and file a motion for contempt if the mother does not comply with the visitation order.

How do i establish visitation with my kid without a court order?

Arrange visitation with whoever has custody of your children. Court should be the final resort not the first one.