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Who is responsible for twin towers?

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The talibon were responsible for 911

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Who was responsible for the twin towers colapse?

Muslim terrorists

What group was responsible for the Twin Towers falling?

Al Quaeda.

Who is responsible for the Twin towers?

Osama bin Laden is responsible for those twin towers(World Trade Center Buildings) because he was the one that planned the attack on September 11, 2001.

Who was responsible for bombing the Twin Towers?

Al Qaeda and Bin Laden

What group was responsible for the tragedy of the twin towers?

Al Qaida, a middle-Eastern terrorist group was responsible.

What did they do with the twin towers?

they worked buisness in the twin towers

Were there bombs in the twin towers?

there were no bombs in the twin towers

What is the twin towers renamed?

The twin towers were never rebuilt or renamed. They are still simpily called the twin towers.

Which is the tallest twin towers in the world?

The Petronas twin towers

What is taller Twin towers or Eiffel tower?

twin towers

What is bigger eifle tower or twin towers?

twin towers

When were the twin towers erected?

The Twin Towers were completed in 1972.

Why are the twin towers so important?

when were the twin towers built

How many Twin Towers are there in the world?

One set of Twin Towers are in the world right now, the Petrons Twin Towers. They are in Malaysia.

Who was the designer of the twin towers?

Minoru Yamaki designed the twin towers

Did Jan Rowny Work In The Twin Towers?

* he was a cleaner in the twin towers

How heigh are the twin towers?

the twin towers were 110 stories tall.

Who bomed the twin towers?

bin laden bombed the twin towers

What are 15 facts about the twin towers?

lots 1 the twin towers

What are the Twin Towers in Malaysia better known as?

The petronas twin towers.

What is there now where the twin towers were?

the twin towers but they aren't going to be as big

Who did the twin towers?

osama bin laden did and name the twin towers

What are the mailing address of the twin towers?

The Twin Towers no longer exist.

Is the government going to replace the Twin Towers?

yes They are building a memorial where the twin towers used to be They are building a memorial where the twin towers used to be

Will they rebuiled the twin-towers?

Not likely, some people feel that it is disrespectful to rebuild the twin towers.