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Who pay's a defaulted studentThe student is responsible and if judgment is granted then they take money either from their pay check's or their income tax will be held for payment until debit is payed. So the student has either garnessment of wages or tax return's.....

In the US, a cosigner can be removed from a loan if the original borrower consolidates his/her loans in only their name. To get help with the consolidation of defaulted loans, click on the link at the bottom of this text box.

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Q: Who is responsible if 2 people co-signed a student loan which the student defaulted on?
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Can you just pay the principal on your defaulted student loan?

No ... you will need to pay the entire 'financed amount' that includes the interest charged. One needs to call the student loan people and get a 'payoff amount' from them first.

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What kind of agency is The Student Loan People?

The Student Loan People is an agency that specializes in student loans. They are located in Kentucky. They work with people getting student loans, collections and repayments of student loans.

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What percentage of student loans are defaulted on?

A very high percentage both in Canada and the U.S. I live in Canada (don't think the U.S. is much different when it comes to student loans) and the loan is difficult to pay off. Presently, our government is going to make it easier for students to loan money. Most parents can't afford to pay all the expenses that a student requires, and, if a government is smart, they will come to realize that students can't work 1 - 3 part-time jobs to pay for college (books and tuition is becoming more expensive every year) study, and be expected to retain good health. It's stupid! I know several young people in my town and they would rather work 2 - 3 jobs than take out a student loan. If the student is a very good student, then I feel the government should kick in SOME financial help free of charge to get that student the best education possible. Sounds like I'm from Russia, but that's how they do it. In Russia the student could be from a wealthy family, but the student could be as bright as a bag of nails, but another student from an average to poor family could be highly intelligent and the government will pay for their education. Makes sense to me. I did go to University for a short time and found that there were a lot of "bench warmers" sitting there killing time. I knew students that were like this and either they eventually quit or their parents paid their way through. My opinion only, but, dead wood should be kicked out and those that are serious get good education without having a debt for the rest of their lives. If you can get away without a student loan try. Only use it as a last resort. Check into it and see what it will cost you in the long run. It's a shame to see the waste of a beautiful mind! Good luckMarcy In the U.S. the percentage of defaulted student loans is much lower than most people believe. Defaulted loans reached their highest peak in 1990 at 22.4% when the government allowed loans to be used at almost any institution that even vaguely resembled a form of educational purpose. The percentage of defaulted federal student loans in 2003 through 2005 averaged 4.9%.

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How can you be a cosigner if the title is in the name of the person you cosigned for?

Many people cosign a loan for property they don't own. Many are uninformed of the consequences of cosigning. They don't realize they are agreeing to be completely responsible for a loan for property that belongs to someone else. If the primary borrower defaults on the loan and the cosigner must make the payments, the cosigner has no automatic right to the property.

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What government agencies can help people facing student loans debt?

The National Student Loan Data System or NSLDS is a government agency that can help people facing student loan debts. Federal Student Aid can also help.

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What happens if mortgage loan holder files for bankruptcy when the title has other people also?

If there are 2 people on the deed of trust and only one on the loan - then the person who has defaulted on the loan will have their credit negatively affected. The one who is only on the deed of trust will lose ownership to the bank or mortgage company, however, their credit will not be affected unless they co-signed or guaranteed the original loan that has defaulted.

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