Who is shikamaru's crush?

shikamaru's crush is temari surprisingly and for those who don't think so...COME ON HE HAS AN IQ OF 200! HE HAS CLEVER WAYS OF HIDING IT.but his crush is temari.witch by the way i happen to acctually appriciat.your welcom ewhoevr asked this question

actually, he has shown no crush so far, yes he IS inteligent, but this ain't a love manga or anime, so pairing may not occur soon or ever appear, fan-fics can be found of such pairings, but its all fan made i do wish it could kinda be a love manga, at least a little, i no all fans of naruto would LOVE THAT!!! so lets just hope the person writing the manag gets in any way a message from the fans to have coupleing up okay!! hope!!