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Who is slipknot?

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Slipknot is one of the best metal bands in the world. Listen to Psychosocial, Before I Forget, or their entire self-titled album.

2009-05-25 23:56:09
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Q: Who is slipknot?
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What is ''Slipknot''?

Slipknot is a American band. They are the worlds best band. Slipknot is also a knot that you make if you are going to heng yourself.

Slipknot or mushroomhead?

slipknot l ------> Mushroomhead <------

Is slipknot popular?

Yes slipknot is popular

What slipknot album is the song surfacing on?


Does slipknot smoke?

Yes slipknot smokes.

Who was first stone sour or slipknot?


What was Slipknot originally called?

Slipknot has allways called them Slipknot. When they didn't call themselves Slipknot they did not know what to "call themself". If oyu see what i mean.

What is slipknot 's email?

i dont think slipknot has a email you could go to the slipknot forum

Who is more famous slipknot or disturbed?

slipknot for sure

Is the band Slipknot satanic?

Slipknot has stated that they are not satanic.

Do slipknot believe in god?

Yes they do slipknot rocks!

How many musicians are in Slipknot?

Slipknot has nine members.

Who had masks first slipknot or Hollywood undead?


Who has more fans Marilyn Manson or slipknot?


Which band Slipknot or Mushroomhead?

Slipknot hands down.

What band came first slipknot or icp?


What album by slipknot does the song requiem go on?

"Requiem" is not by Slipknot. It is by Snot featuring Corey Taylor, the vocalist of Slipknot.

How do you tie a slipknot?

you sing a song by slipknot (go to youtube)

When was the album 'Slipknot' released?

It was released in 1999 !!!

Is Russell Brand from the band Slipknot?

No, Russell Brand is not in Slipknot.

Is Slipknot ending?

no they take breaks and come back to slipknot

Which slipknot album is wait and bleed on?

Slipknot (Clean) is the album

Is slipknot Cristian?

No. Slipknot is a metal band with satanic influences.

How many people are in Slipknot?

There are nine band members in Slipknot.

When did Slipknot release the album Slipknot?

AnswerJune 29, 1999.