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Im reading the book with my class now, and we are on chapter 7. This is what I know:


  • Cherry
  • Marcia ( i think i may have spelt that wrong; sorry)
  • Bob


  • Ponyboy
  • Sodapop
  • Darry
  • Johnny (Darrel)
  • Dally (Dallas)
  • Steve
  • Two-bit Matthews
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What is the difference between the book outsiders and the movie outsider?

maybe you should read the book and watch the movie?

Where did the socs and the greasers meet for the rumble?

The socs and the greaser met in the park (in the movie) and in the book they met in an alley.

What did they eat in Greaser Bob's cabin in movie true grit?

Sofkee, a dish made out of hominy and meat.

How much money did the outsider movie make?

It had a budget of $10,000,000 and grossed (made) $25,697,647.

What is the Difference between the movie Outsider and book?

I've seen both the movie and read the book. As with any book that's made into a movie, there are many parts cut out to make the movie shorter

What does pony in the outsider interprete stay gold?

To stay like he is. Like the poem. Watch the movie. Easier to understand...

How do you use scaring in sentences?

That movie is scaring a lot of people.

Is the movie social network factual?

Yes. The movie "The Social Network" is based off of real events

Tell you 10 sentences usin adjective?

the action movie was violent

What are the examples of sentences using sequel?

That movie left me ready for a sequel!

How do you make sentences with the word terrifying?

The answer is easy- The movie was a terrifying one.

How do you take sentences from PowerPoint and place them on movie maker?

.PPtx (PowerPoint text) is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker.The only way to take sentences from your PowerPoint presentation to add to your movie is by copying and pasting the text into the clip via the Titles and Credits feature.

Who is the director of Outsider the film?

The Outsiders movie was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1983. He was inspired to make the film from a librarian and her students. The movie was originally a novel by S. E. Hinton. The movie came out in March of 1983.

Who is the rebellious Greaser that gets killed by the cops?

Dallas Winston. Played by Matt Dillon. In the movie the Outsiders - based on the book The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton.

What is an example of sentences with since in?

example: how long has it been since that movie came out?

Which is correct this movie really scared me or this movie really scares me?

Both of these sentences are written correctly. It all depends on if you are watching the movie not or if you have already watched it.

How can you use the word movie in a sentence?

Shall we go and see the new movie.The movie was boring.Making a movie is not cheap.

What is the longest BrainPOP movie?

The movie that can be found in social studies "Mourning"

What are some example sentences using the word about?

It is about time that you came home!What was the fight about?

Who played dally on the outsider movie?

If you mean the film adaptation of the book "The Outsiders", then the character you are speaking of is named Darry, and he was portrayed by the late Patrick Swayze.

Why is the book outsider better than the movie?

because only swaggots and fangirls like twilight and only people with an actual brain hate twilight

What are examples of concluding sentences?

That is why I think Is a good book or a good movie. Or doing this will lead to this

What is a topic sentences about a movie?

write ten sentences that list and discuss your movies, be sure to punctuate titles and quotations correctly refers to the rules at the beginning of this section if necessary

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