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Who is stronger Arceus or Mewtwo?

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August 11, 2011 12:48AM

It should be mewtwo even tho arceus has judgement

mewtwo could hold a quick claw and use me first witch

means a packing surprise.

But it all depends on the moveset and evs. In terms of Base

status Arceus is stronger. But a mewtwo is faster and is better in

Special Attack, so a good powered special attack could defeat the

arceus depending on the plate

So far, Mewtwo is able to pwn every single Pokemon. Proof? Well,

I will give my "proof."

Now, let us look at what power each major legendary


Arceus : Meteor level, got owned by "city-sized" meteor and lost

all his plates, got defeated by Pokemon and cement, even with rage

not able to break free, and oh, for a Pokemon who created Sinnoh,

he sucks, he can't even destroy a "ruins" with his signature move,

"Judgment." Even with full plates not powerful enough to withstand

a "too powerful to block / absorb" meteor! Arceus isn't even smart

in any way, not knowing even the effects of cement, which is

created by "materials" he provided during his creation of


Deoxys : Able to change forms at will; died for 4 whole years to

one Hyper Beam from Rayquaza, not even able to defeat other Pokemon

with copies; fragile; crystal able to be broken by laser in movie,

cannot even destroy an area of ice, even in Attack Forme attack did

not kill Rayquaza in two or three hits.

Dialga : Not able to stop time, as proven in last three movies,

owned by Arceus who can't even destroy "ruins" as mentioned before,

owned by Giratina, tied with Palkia, only able to send people back

in time, but not itself...

Palkia : Not as strong as Giratina, Arceus with Psychic attacks

broke through Palkia's space "trap," able to shield moves but

shield is useless even to planetary damage, "Judgment"

Giratina : Predictible with Shadow Force, Aura Sphere did little

damage, even if supereffective to Dialga....slow movement...moves

easily dodged by Arceus, what else can I say?

Regigigas : Extreme noob. Pushing a glacier with help from

Mamoswines; he's supposed to join "continents" together, but

failed...no more to say...

Rayquaza : Not immune to psychic powers, dense and reckless in

attacking, double weakness to ice, able to survive in ozone

pressure..nothing so special

Now for Mewtwo.....

Mewtwo : Higher IQ than even Alakazam, has access to cloning

devices, a strategist than even boasts a plan to rule the world,

planet-destroying storm, able to create a hurricane to destroy the

entire Earth, according to manga, claimed the most powerful

Pokemon, able to relfect, not deflect, moves, creating a barrier to

block any technique, and also, a very broken ability, the power to

cancel any special abilities in battle, which could immediately

dispatch Arceus, because without Multitype, Arceus even winced at

Pikachu's thunderbolt, claimed by Blaine in the manga to be able to

"adapt" to any fighting style, able to create this;

Planet-leveling Hurricane > City-sized Meteor

which could immediately defeat Arceus oh so easily. A storm has

no element, and Mewtwo could teleport cement to his arsenal and

drench the "clueless silver water" on Arceus, able to deflect

Deoxys' moves, shrugged off Mew's mirror coat attack from his

Shadow Ball, has DNA of Mew, who has every DNA of all Pokemon, and

yeah, able to destroy an entire island without even half-full of

power, and also teleported an entire canyon, which is about as big

as Mt.Everest, or even bigger, probably, and didn't even be

exhausted after his "moving house" thing, and more of that. He

erased memories and also reversed time, as shown in Movie 1, how

Ash and other forgot everything and also they landed up in the

harbor dock, and oh, watch the Japanese uncut version for Movie 1,

then you'll see how powerful and overpowered he is compared to

other Pokemon.

Have I proven my point? If no, very well. Reply back to my

statement, if you can

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