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Who is stronger Superman or hulk?



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Now wait 1 second Tahee, yes you are answering on how technically he is stronger and answering how hulk has limits which he doesn't.

it clearly shows that u are one of the millions of superman fans. not surprising hes arguably the strongest dc comic book character.(even at an evil controlled version where a batman suits up like a robot and a little kryptonite and matches him).

Now on the other hand u seem to forget how smart Bruce Banner is. the hulk has no weakness where as superman does.

Hands down it would be an epic fight. but when Bruce finds out supermans weakness then what happens I will tell you.

The hulk will have some kryptonite and shove it downs supermans throat and beat the living day lights out of him tell me i'm wrong.

Your wrong because Bruce Banner is smart but Hulk is not. Basically all hulk knows is to smash what ever is in his way. Plus you have to think kryptonite is extremely valuable why do you think Lex Luthor always has a small quantity of it? It will take a lot more money then Bruce has. If Bruce even had any the hulk would be to dumb to use it against Superman so there for Superman will now and always come out on top.