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The new doctor is Matt Smith.

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Q: Who is the 11th Doctor Who Matt Smith or the other guy?
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Who is going to be the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who?

Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor.

Who will be the 11th doctor in Doctor Who?

Matt Smith

What is the name of the 11th doctor in Doctor Who?

The eleventh Doctor is Matt Smith.

Who is the new Doctor Who after David tenant?

The 11th Doctor is Matt Smith.

How many doctors were there in Doctor Who?

11, Matt smith is the 11th doctor

Which actor plays Dr Who?

Matt smith =11th doctor

Is Matt Smith the 12th doctor?

hes the 11th docter

What is the name of the youngest doctor?

If you mean in doctor who it is the 11th doctor the actor is Matt smith

Who is then new Doctor in Doctor Who?

Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor. He will replace David Tennant.

What is the new Doctor's real name in Doctor Who?

The actor playing the 11th doctor is Matt Smith

How can you dress up like the 11th Doctor Matt Smith?

With a costume...

Who will be the 11th Doctor?

Matt Smith, at 26 he is the youngest actor to play the role of The Doctor.

How many regenerations has the Doctor had?

At the moment, The Doctor has regenerated 10 times, and Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor

Who is going to play the next Doctor Who?

Matt Smith will replace David Tennant as the 11th Doctor.

Who is Amy in Dr. Who?

Amy is the 11th doctor's (matt smith) companion in the tardis.

What is the 11th doctors real name in Doctor Who?

The actors name is Matt Smith

Which Doctor made Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey?

That expression was used by Matt Smith, the 11th. Doctor.

Who played the 11th doctor in Doctor Who?

Matt Smith plays the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who. some people also said that he will last more series than the previous doctor who

How can you find Matt Smith 11th Doctor when he's filming etc?

by checking on the internet

What is doctor hows real name?

Depends which doctor you are talking about- 10th Doctor= David Tennant 11th Doctor=Matt Smith.

What actor now plays Doctor Who?

Peter Capaldi (the Twelfth Doctor) has been playing the Doctor since 2013, when he took over from Matt Smith.

What is Matt Smiths aka.11th Doctor Who Official Twitter Page?

Matt Smith is not on any social networking sites.

How many Doctor Whos are there?

10 because David Tennant is the 10th Doctor Matt Smith became the 11th Doctor in 2010.

What is doctor whos real name?

The tenth one was David Tennant. The 11th one is Matt Smith

Doctor Who A Christmas Carol?

Yes, there was a Christmas Special on Doctor Who that Matt Smith (11th) did, that was a sci-fi version of a Christmas Carol.