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The sixith gym leader in fire red version is Sabrina. She has all physic Pokemon except for venmoth.

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The Gym Leader that allows you to use the HM move Strength in Pokemon FireRed is Erika. Erika is the Gym Leader of Celadon City and is the 4th Gym Leader the player faces.

The 6th gym leader is in Fortree City.

saffron city (psychic type gym leader)

After you beat Sabrina, the 6th gym leader in Saffron City, you can use Rock Smash.

The 6th gym leader is in Canalave City.

i'm pretty sure you get it from Koga when you beat him(Koga is the 6th gym leader)

Erika is the fourth gym leader in Pokemon Firered. She uses Grass type Pokemon, and her gym is located in Celadon City.

The 6th gym leader in Pokemon Silver is Chuck who uses Fighting-type Pokemon.

The 7th leader is Blaine. He uses fire pokemon.

You cannot be a gym leader yourself in any of the Pokemon games, so far.

The 6th Gym Leader is Sabrina. The Psychic type Gym Leader. She is in Saffron City.

The fourth gym at Pokemon fire red is grass type gym

The gym leader after Misty is Lt. Surge. He is the gym leader of Vermilion City, specializing in Electric-type Pokemon.

The 6th Gym Leader in Pearl is Byron who is in Canalave City.

after beating gym leader blaine

In the 4th gym ! After you beaten the gym leader in saffron city!!

In the viridian city. The gym leader is the boss of team roket

The 6th gym is in Saffron City the gym leader is Sabrina she uses Psychic type pokemon.

The 6th gym leader in Pokémon Sapphire is found at the Fortree Gym. The name of the gym leader here is Winona.

Koga's Pokemon are: Koffing Muk Koffing Weezing