Who is the CEO of American Ad Bag Co?

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Who is the co-founder and CEO of Apple and Pixar?

Steve Jobs is the co-founder and the CEO of Apple and was formerly the CEO of Pixar.

Who is the CEO of Wells Fargo and Co.?

John G. Stumpf is the CEO of Wells Fargo & Co.

Deutsche bank ceo?

The current CEO of Deutsche bank is Juergen Fitschen. His Co CEO is Anshu Jain. They were appointed co-CEO's in 2012.

Who is the CEO of britannia?

Britannia Building Society is owned by Co-Op The CEO of Co-Op is: Peter Marks

Who is the CEO of Honda?

Takanobu Ito is the CEO of Honda Motor Co.

Who were the seven dwarfs of tobacco?

Seven Tobacco Company executives who testified at Congressional hearings as to the addictiveness (or lack thereof) of cigarettes. The officers who appeared before Henry Waxman's D-CA) Committee beginning April 14, 1994, were: William Campbell, CEO, Philip Morris James Johnston, CEO, RJR Tobacco Co Joseph Taddeo, President, U.S. Tobacco Co Andrew Tisch, CEO, Lorillard Tobacco Thomas Sandefur, CEO, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co Ed Horrigan, CEO, Liggett Group Donald Johnston, CEO, American Tobacco Co.

Who is the CEO of Blizzard entertainment?

Blizzard CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime

Who is Sergio Balbinot's co CEO?

In 2002 Balbinot joined Giovanni Perissinotto as co-CEO after a shake-up of the company's board of directors.

What is the salary of the CEO of Pepsi Co?

1,744,850 a year if the CEO doesn't spend and money

Who was the co-founder and CEO of Oracle?

The co-founder and CEO of Oracleis Larry Ellison. He was the one that founded the software company Oracle in 1977.

Who is the CEO of MySpace?

Mike Jones and Jason Hirschhorn are Co-Presidents of MySpace. The company does not have a CEO.

Who is the present CEO of Infosis?

S. Gopalakrishnan ( CEO &Executive Co-ChairmanChairperson, Executive Counci)

Who is the CEO of search engine Google?

The CEO of Google is Larry Page which is also the co-founder of Google.

Who is the CEO of Geek Squad co?

Robert Stephens

Who is the co of infosys?

CEO of infosys is SD Shibulal

Who owns Cooper Standard Co?

Jim McElya is the chairman and the CEO of Cooper Standard Co.

Who is the present CEO of Independence Insurance?

Christopher Oddleifson is the current CEO of Independent Bank Co. This is the closest listing to an Independence Insurance Co. listed through Bloomberg's Businessweek.

Who is the chairperson of Google?

Larry Page (CEO) and co-founder

The CEO of indigo airline?

Bruce Ashby is the ceo of Indigo Airlines, with Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia being co founders.

Why is Steve Jobs Famous?

He is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple

Who is the chairman of Pepsi Co - Chairman and CEO?

Indra Nooyi

When did Sergio Balbinot become co-CEO of Assicurazioni Generali?

2002-, co-chief executive officer.

What was the name of the first apple GUI?

John Sculley and Steve Jobs started Apple in their garage when they were about 21, and when they were 25, they were millionaires. John Sculley was co-CEO with steve jobs(also "co-CEO").

Who is the chairman of hcl?

Shiv Nadar. Founder ''HCL, ''Chairman and CEO. ''HCLTechnologies. Ajai Chowdhry. Co-Founder ''HCL, ''Chairman and CEO''''''''''

Founder of Verizon?

Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. merged in 2000. Verizon was the new company formed from that merger. At the time of the merger GTE Chairman and CEO Charles R. Lee became Verizon's founding Chairman of the Board and co-CEO. Bell Atlantic CEO Ivan Seidenberg became Verizon's founding President and co-CEO.