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Chief Executive Officer

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Q: Who is the Chief executive officer and the chief financial officer?
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What are a CEO and CFO?

CEO = Chief Executive Officer CFO = Chief Financial Officer

What is CFO and CEO?

CFO = Chief Financial Officer CEO = Chief Executive Officer

What are some common sales executive jobs?

"Common sales executive titles include, Chief Executive Officer or CEO, Chief Financial Officer or CFO, Chief Analytics Officer or CAO and Chief Legal Officer or CLO."

What kind of chief jobs are there?

There are lot of different types of "Chief" jobs out there. Some examples for such "Chief" jobs include "Chief Executive Officer", "Chief Technology Officer", "Chief Security Officer" or "Chief Financial Officer".

When did Hay become president and chief executive officer?

FPL Group, 1999, chief financial officer; 1999-2000, president, FPL Energy; 2001-2002, president and chief executive officer; 2002-, president, chief executive officer, and chairman.

What is the C-suite?

there are six C - suite. CEO - Chief Executive Officer CFO - Chief Financial Officer COO - Chief Operation Officer CTO - Chief Technology Officer CIO - Chief Information Officer CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Who does a CFO report to?

CFOs (Chief Financial Oficers) usually report to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

What is the Full form CEO?

Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer

What is the plural of chief executive officer?

Chief Executive Officers

What is the plural for chief executive officer?

chief executive officers

What do ceo cfo and cio titles mean 50k?

CEO means chief executive officer CFO means chief financial officer CIO means chief information officer

Is chief investmnet officer the same as Chief Financial officer?

Yes, Chief Financial Officer is not used in military language.

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