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Who is the Dex media guy?

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βˆ™ 2007-08-09 22:43:47

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Brian Stepanek

2007-08-09 22:43:47
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Q: Who is the Dex media guy?
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Where do you get the national dex in pearl?

well you need to fill all your sinnoh dex then talk to rowin and this guy (Oak) he will upgrade your dex then you have the national dex.... hope that helps, Tina :D

Why guy wont let you into pal-park?

You have to migrate six Pokemon from ruby, sapphire, or emerald in order to get into pal park. (after the national dex) Get the national dex. (before the national dex)

How do you get past the guy at victory road in Pokemon platinum?

you need the national dex

You cant get Pokemon to migrate and you have seen all of the Pokemon in sinoh?

You have to finish the Sinnoh 'Dex, then you go to the Professor guy and he will upgrade to National 'Dex. Then you can do the Pal Park.

How do you get past that team galactic guy that has no Pokemon at mt coronet?

You must get the National Dex because some Pokemon found on the Route he blocks are not in the Sinnoh Dex. You must beat the Elite Four before you get the National Dex.

How do you get past the team galatic guy with no Pokemon in mt. coronet?

You must get the National Dex because some Pokemon found on the Route he blocks are not in the Sinnoh Dex. You must beat the Elite Four before you get the National Dex.

How do i get past the galactic guy with no Pokemon in mt coronet?

You need to get the National Dex first.

In Pokemon diamond can you get the super rod without a national dex?

Sadly, no. The guy with the super rod is in the Fight area. He is blocked off by guys that won't move until you get the national dex.

Where is Marley in victory road on Pokemon diamond?

Marley is in the part where the guy is blocking the door. You have to get the national dex (see all sinnoh dex Pokemon, then go to rowan) and beat the Pokemon league.

How do you get into Mewtwos cave?

you need to beat the e4 and get the national dex the you have to get the red and blue gems and the guy will let you in.

How do you get past the guy who's blocking the hole in the victory road?

Beat the Elite Four and get the National Dex.

Where is a trainer who has a skitty in platinum?

the trainer that has skitty is buy the footprint guy Dr.footprint but need the national dex for her to have it

How do you get a johoto starter in Pokemon LeafGreen?

complte the poke dex the go to the proffessor guy, i used the action replay

How do you get the buff guy out of the way in victory road in Pokemon pearl?

you need to beat the elite four and have the national dex

Who is Guy Tang?

Guy Tang is a social media sensation and haircolorist known for the smoky denim look.

When does a guy check your social media?

A guy could check your social media page out at any time! Make sure you have posted some real good looking pictures of yourself.

When you catch the Mewtwo in firered where can you go?

you have to beat the league national dex ruby sapphire (not the game ruby sapphire) then go to to ceraluen city then the guy in the cave guy is gone

Where is the national dex on sapphire?

There is none. There's only the Hoenn dex. no that guy is wrong. first you need to have caught about 60 Pokemon and you need to have traded with another person then go show prof birtch in the first town and he should give you the national dex. if he doesn't then you need to get more Pokemon. No that guy is wrong you have to get all the Pokemon then you get a Pokemon from a different game then you go to prof oak but if he doesn't give it to you then get more Pokemon from a different that's how i did it.

What happens when you complete the National dex on Pokemon firered?

Pokemon 386 completeYou get a diploma from a gamefreak guy located in Celadon City.

How do you catch dewgong?

in platinum after you have gotten national dex go to victory road in the room the guy was blocking and find and catch dewgong

How do you get two gym statues in secret base?

I got mine while talking to that "rarities" guy in Hearthome after getting the national dex

How do you get to the top of mt cornet to pass the guy who says there is a blackout in Pokemon diamond?

beat the elite 4 and complete the sinnoh dex

What PokΓ©mon do the guy give you in the PokΓ©mon masion?

The "guy" (Mr. Backlot) does not give you any Pokemon. After obtaining the National Dex, one Pokemon, from a list of Pokemon that normally uncommon or unobtainable in the Sinnoh region, will start appearing daily. Mr. Backlot just tells you which Pokemon appears. Note that this only happens after you get the National Dex.

Do you have to catch the Pokemon to complete the pokedex in Pokemon red fire?

Do you mean the national Dex? If yes, then it is true. But you can get the national dex after you defeat Gary (Who somehow becomes the champion no matter how many times you battle him!) and Prof. Oak (The freaky guy in the lab coat) will give you the national dex. Oh, and it's firered. One word. Weird.

How do you get passed the guy in victory road in Pokemon platinum i have beat the elite four i have EVERY Pokemon in Sinnoh dex i have national dex what is up?

If you've beaten the elite 4 and have every Pokemon recorded in your pokedex (dialga, palkia, giratina, rotom, etc. included) you need to talk to Prof. Oak in Celestic Town to get the national dex