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Who is the Father of Communist?

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Karl meax is a father of communist.

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Who was the father of the communist in china?

Mao Zedong

Is President Noynoy Aquino of the Philippines a Communist sympathizer?

yes, his father was a secret head of the communist party in the Philippines during marcos regime

Was Barack Obama's father a communist?

No, he was not. This is an internet myth, spread by the president's political enemies and promoted by several right-wing conservative commentators. There is no credible evidence that Mr. Obama's father was a communist, nor is there any evidence that Mr. Obama was raised to support the communist party. These are political accusations, and they are totally inaccurate.

How did Karl Marx become the father of Communism?

Marx & Engles wrote the Communist Manifesto.

Was Obama's father a communist?

No Obama father is a Harvard graduate economist. Obama father is from Kenya. Kenya is a former British colony. Their economic system is model after that of Great Britain

Why were Father Gapons march and Bloody Sunday important?

They led to the communist-backed revolution of 1905.

Who is considered the father of communism?

Karl marx Indeed, Karl Heinrich Marx is often called "the father of communism" as he was the one who wrote the first document enounciating the principles of the Communist doctrine and the purpose of the already existing Communist movements. He published The Communist Manifesto in 1848, having written it together with another Communist theoretician, Friedrich Engels. The ideology that he inspired was called Marxism but 20th century Communism had very little to do with Marxism in practice.

Was Karl Marx a fascist or a communist?

Karl Marx is considered the father of modern Communist theory. It is grounded in economics and critique of capitalism. He didn't speculate on what a communist society would be like (post-revolutionary society) so he cannot be considered a utopian philosopher and his Communist theory cannot be considered utopian. He was certainly not a fascist.

Who said religion is the opium of the people?

Karl Marx, the writer of the Communist Manifesto. He is credited with being the father of communism.

Does Barack Obama favor communism?

very much so. his father was the leader of the communist party of east korea

What is the different between communist and non-communist?

communist are tight on rules unlike non-communist

Mao Zedong and the cold war?

he wanted to fight the US in a land war in Korea, he is considered a father of communist China.

What is Two major differences between a communist economy and a capitalist economy?

a communist economy's money is controlled by the government and a capitalist economy is controlled by the people. 2. in a capitalist economy the people choose the jobs, but in a communist one the government chooses your job, and it is usually based on your father or mothers

Were vietcong's communist or anti-communist?

The Viet Cong were definitely 100% Communist.

How did The founder of modern China is?

I would place Mao as the father of modern China. He created the communist government that is still the framework of the government.

Who is the man who led a Communist takeover in China?

Chairman Mao (Mao Zedong, Mao Tse Tong) was the first Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. He is regarded as he founding father of China ( People's Republic of China).

What is a sentence using the word communist?

Russia was communist nation. Currently Cuba is communist nation.

How did Communist schools benefit the state and the Communist party?

How did communist schools benefit the state and the communist party

Is North Korea free?

No it is not. It is still under communist rule.No it is not. It is still under communist rule.No it is not. It is still under communist rule.No it is not. It is still under communist rule.No it is not. It is still under communist rule.No it is not. It is still under communist rule.

What is an communist?

A communist is a supporter of communism.

Is china democratic or communist?


Was a mitchell palmer communist?

A communist

Is Bill Gates a communist?

No, he is not a communist.

Is communist a verb?

No, the word communist is an adjective, a word that describes a noun, and a noun, a word for a person who holds communist beliefs or is a member of a Communist party. The term 'communist beliefs' uses the adjective communist to describe the noun beliefs.

Was the eastern bloc communist or noncommunist?

communist (: It was communist because it was under the Soviet Union which was also communist. They weren't able to advance because they were communist and even with industrialization, they were unable to rise.

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