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Who is the Jonas Brother's song SOS dedicated to?

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A girl Nick met at a meet and greet they started going out and then they broke up and he wrote that song 4 her

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When does SOS by the Jonas Brothers come to iTunes?

the song SOS by the Jonas Brothers is already in iTunes.

When was SOS - Jonas Brothers song - created?

SOS - Jonas Brothers song - was created on 2007-08-03.

What was the Jonas Brothers first ever song?

The Jonas Brothers first ever song was SOS

What Jonas brothers wrote the song SOS?

Nick Jonas.

Jonas Brothers SOS do you like it?

i love any song written by the Jonas brothers

What is mileys favorite Jonas brothers song?

its the SOS

From where can you download 'SOS' by Jonas Brothers?

there are many places to doesnload that song but it is illegal to post on this site. you can go to Google and search "Jonas Brothers SOS song download" that might help

When was SOS by the Jonas Brothers made?

The hit song 'SOS' was first on the Jonas Brother's self titled album 'The Jonas Brothers' which was released August 7, 2007.

What does 'SOS' mean in the Jonas Brothers song SOS?

some one special ITS SAVE OUR SOULS!

Do the Jonas Brothers sing the song SOS?

of course! its one of their songs.

What is the subject of the song SOS by the Jonas Brothers?

relationships have there ups and downs

What is the Jonas Brothers song SOS about?

The song is about a girl or a boy you like taking advantage of you.

It is true that some of the Jonas brothers have subliminal messageslike the SOS song?


What was the Jonas brothers 8th song?

i think it was SOS wasn't it? oh well

Which was written first burning up or SOS by the Jonas brothers?

SOS was the first song that came out because it was on their self titled album Jonas Brothers and Burnin up was on their third album A Little Bit Longer

What is Denise Jonas' favorite Jonas Brothers song?

sos she said it in a very recent interview: pushin me away

Did the Jonas brothers write SOS?

They did.

Who directed the song SOS by the Jonas Brothers?

Not A ClueBut If I Find Owt I Will Tell Yuu x

What is the Jonas Brothers' song 'SOS' really about?

S.O.S. was written after Nick Jonas had a horrible date. Then, he came home and wrote about it and put it into a song. Nick had finished it in about 15 minutes and then played it for his father. His father loved it and now it is one of the Jonas Brothers' hit songs.

When was SOS released?

the Jonas brothers SOS song came out in 2007 when hold on and the rest of the songs did like when you look me in the eyes and year 3000.

When was SOS written by the Jonas Brothers?

SOS was written around 2005.

Who wrote the song SOS?

Nicholas Jonas wrote SOS!!!

Is SOS by the Jonas Brothers about miley?

no its not. it is about a bad date that nick went on and wrote the song when he came home

What is SOS in Jonas brothers?

Our biggest SOS would probably be I'm looking for a girl!!!

Which Jonas Brothers song did Nick write in ten minutes S.O.S look me in the eyes or wont let you go?

it is SOS