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the Jonas brothers mother's name is Denise Marie Miller Jonas and their father's name is Paul Kevin Jonas I.

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Jonas brother family?

the Jonas brothers have a mother and a father and a younger brother.

Who is the parents of the Jonas brother?

The Father is Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. and the Mother is Denise Jonas.

Who is the birth mother of the Jonas?

Denise Jonas gave birth to each Jonas Brother! (Denise Jonas is their Mother)

Jonas Brothers's mother?

The Jonas Brothers mother is Denise. And, the their father and the eldest Jonas, share the same name, Paul Kevin.

What is the Jonas brother managers name?

Paul Kevin Jonas Senior--he's their father...

How is someone your uncle?

Your uncle is the brother of your mother or your father - or the husband of the sister of your mother or your father.

What is the definition of brother?

Your brother is a male child of your mother and your father who is not you.

How could your father be your brother?

If your older brother impregnated his (and your) mother.

What would you cousins grandmother be to you?

Could be your Grandmother too if she is the mother of the brother or sister of your father or mother. If she is the mother of the spouse of a person married to the brother or sister of your father or mother, then there is really no relation.

Who raised Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was raised by her mother and father along with a brother and sister. When her father died her mother raised her.

Where does Jonas live in the book The Giver?

Jonas live in a dwelling with his father, mother and sister (not biological)

Did Mother Teresa have relatives?

Yes, she had a mother, father and a brother and sister.

What relation are you to your uncle's wife's brother?

If your uncle is your uncle because he is the brother of your mother or your father, you are not related to his wife's brother. However, if your uncle is your uncle because he married the sister of your mother or your father, then your uncle's wife's brother is your father, or other one of your uncle's.

What do you call your uncle's sister's son?

Your uncle is either the brother of your mother or father, or the husband of a sister of your mother or father. If your uncle is a brother of your mother, then his sister's son is you (if you are a boy) or your brother, or your first cousin (if the son is the son of another sister than your mother). If the uncle is a brother of your father, then his sister is your father's sister (your aunt) and her son is your first cousin. If the uncle is husband of the sister of your mother or your father, then the sister's son is not related to you.

What is a maternal half-brother?

Your maternal half-brother is a brother who has the same mother as you but not the same father.

Can your step father will his and mother house to his brother?

If your mother died and he became the sole owner then yes, he can leave it to his brother in his will.

How do you say Uncle in Turkish?

Amca/ Brother of the father or Dayı / Brother of the mother

Did Jonas brother's father dai?

NO! The Jonas Brothers' father Paul Kevin Jonas (the first) is very much alive and accompanies the boys when they go on tour along with the boys mother Denise Jonas.

How are half brothers and sisters related?

A half brother or sister is from the same mother/father and have a different mother/father.

What does auntie means in Ireland?

Auntie is a reference to your aunt who is the sister or your mother or father or the wife of the brother of your mother or father.

Who is the father of Abel?

Abel's father was Adam and his mother was Eve. His brother was Cain.

What is their relationship to you?

Mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend.

Is your great grandmother's half brother related to me?

A half brother means that they either had the same father or mother as the rest of the siblings, but a different father or mother making them a half brother. You Grandmother's half brother would be your great uncle.

Who did Jesus say was his brother sister mother?

"For whoever does the will of of My Father in heaven, he is My brother My sister My mother." Matt: 12:50

Why is Jonas forced to flee in the night?

Jonas fled because his father was going to have his baby brother "released" which means killed.

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