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Who is the NBA player with the highest IQ?


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john stockton, Utah jazz


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Highest IQ is steve nash Lowest IQ is javelle mcghee

Kevin Garnett is the current highest paid player in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant is currently the highest paid player in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant is the highest paid NBA player totaling $25244000 in salary.

Marilyn vos Savant: IQ 228There might be higher iqs but this is by far the highest I have seen from the bit of research I did.

The highest paid NBA player in 1995 was Patrick Ewing. He made $18,724,000 that year. He was still the highest paid the following year.

Peyton Manning or Shane Graham

saleem nasseh with the highest IQ of 629

Marilyn vos Savant has a reported IQ of 228.She is considered to have the highest IQ. There is not a maximum that an IQ can be.

Kobe Bryant have AA highest salary..24,034.750...

Marilyn VosSavant has an IQ of 228, which is the highest recorded IQ in history.

the highest score 96,325 for an IQ

the highest earning NBA player of all time was Micheal Johnson who in his time was on $215,000 a week

The highest points scored in a game was 100, by Wilt Chamberlain, of the Philidelphia Warriors.

William James Sidis had the highest ever known IQ estimated at between 250 and 300.The recorded highest IQ was Marilyn vos Savant's 228 IQ.

The highest IQ isn't 160, Kim Ung-Yong is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under "Highest IQ"; the book estimated his IQ at about 210

Kevin Garnett is currently (2009-2010) the highest paid player in the NBA with a record salary of $24,751,934. The highest salary ever was Michael Jordan's, who made over $30 million.

The highest average of basketball is 14 points a game for a benched player.

Shot IQ is only on NBA 2K13

Who is the highest paid player in the nba during the 2007 season?

Rihanna's highest IQ is 117

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