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Who is the Queen of England during India's independence?

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Indian independence was granted in 1947, when the Queen of England (i.e. the wife of the last King-Emperor) was Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

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Which country ruled Botswana before independence?

The queen of England (queen Elizabeth) ruled Botswana before independence.

Who was the queen during the Renaissance?

During the renaissance queen Elizabeth was queen for England.

Who was the ruler of England during the Elizabethan era?

Queen Elizabeth I was the Queen of England during the Elizabethan Era.

Who was the queen of England during 1451?

queen Isabella 1

The Queen of England during the late 1500s was?

Queen Elizabeth

Who was the Queen of England during Shakespeares career?

queen elizabeth

The queen of England during the late 1500?

queen elizibeth

Who is the president of british during the independence of India?

Britain is a constitutional monarchy and the head of state is HM the Queen. Immediately prior to Indian independence, George VI was the King of England and the Emperor of India.

Who was the queen in new England during the American revolution?

There has been no queen in New England. It is part of the US.

How did Queen Elizabeth became famous?

During Queen Elizabeth 1 ruled England all by herself. It was during this period that Kings did not exist in England.

Has there always been a king or queen of England?

No, for example during the rule of Oliver Cromwell there was no king or queen of England.

Who was the king of England during 1858?

There was no king of England in 1858 but there was a queen. Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 to 1901.

Who was the Queen of England during the voyage of Francis Drake?


Who was the King or Queen of England from 1850-1870?

Queen Victoria was reigning during these dates but she was not The Queen of England. She was queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; there has not been a Queen (or King) of England since the crowns of England and Scotland were united in 1707.

Who was king of England during Shakespeare's life?

Queen Elizabeth I was the monarch of England during Shakespeare's time.

When was queen Mary the first of England beheaded?

Queen Mary I of England was not beheaded. She reigned 1553 - 1558. Perhaps you are thinking of Mary, Queen of Scots who was beheaded in 1587, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Did queen Victoria of England rule druing the middle ages?

did the queen of England, Victoria rule during the middle ages?

Who was the Queen of England during the late 1500s?

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) became queen in 1558.

What queen ruled England during its golden age?

well queen Elizabeth - I was Queen in The Golden Age

Who ruled during 1588 in England?

Queen Elizabeth I

Who ruled England during the 1798?

Queen Victoria

Who represented the queen during independence day at Fiji?

prince charles

What is the definition of Elizabethan England?

It refers to England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1

Who was the Queen of England in the 1100s?

There was not a Queen of England in the 1100's. The King of England during this time was King Henry I. His son, King Henry II took the throne after him.

Who was the Queen of England during the French Revolution?

Queen Charlotte who was married to King George III.