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Does Minnesota make Christmas trees?

Yes, Minnesota has several Christmas tree farms.

What are examples of transportation?

There are several different modes of transportation. Some examples of transportation are; walking, bicycling, trains, planes, cars, and taxis.

Why are there no salmon in Minnesota?

There are salmon in Minnesota. Several decades ago salmon were introduced to Lake Superior.

What are Minnesota sports?

There are several professional sports teams in Minnesota. This includes baseball, basketball, and football.

Name ten cabinet-level position?

The Cabinet consists of the Attorney General and the Secretaries of State, Treasury*, Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Transportation, and Energy, as well as several other department heads. *Note: Secretary of the Treasury (or, Treasury Secretary) is a different position than that of Treasurer.

Where can I find free transportation for my brother in Pittsburgh, PA?

There are several online support groups that offer car pools. There are also several charities that offer free transportation.

Is public transportation available in Chicago Illinois?

Chicago has several modes of public transportation. You can get around by bus or rail.

What executive department were set up by congress?

Several executive departments were created by Congress including Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State. Others were Attorney General and Secretary of War.

The different modes of transportation in Nigeria?

There are several modes of transportation. They include animals, walking, train, and some of the people there have vehicles for this.

Does Minnesota have biomes?

Yes, Minnesota has several different biomes (e.g. the coniferous forest, deciduous forest, and prairie biome)

What causes pyroclastic flow?

Several factors can cause pyroclastic flows. Fountain collapse of a volcano's eruption column structure, and gravitational collapse may cause pyroclastic flows.

What is modes of transportation in Guatemala?

There are several different options for transportation in Guatemala. People travel by plane, bus, boat or car, most commonly.

Where can you buy a confederate flag in Minnesota?

I've never been to minnesota but I know there are several web based companies that you can buy one from and they will ship it to you.

Where there any civil war battles fought in Minnesota?

no but the Sioux uprising of 1862 in Minnesota is considered part of the Civil war,and had several battles.

Are there any agencies in NC that provide Medical Transportation to people for doctor visits?

There are several agencies providing medical transportation in NC. One of these agencies is CJ Medical Transportation in Greeensboro, NC.

How do you get a Minnesota Special class boilers license?

There are several ways in which you can get a Minnesota Special class boilers license. You can attend a 10 week training course offered in various areas of the state and take your test at your local secretary of state office. You can also attend formal training at a college which will take you longer but provide you with hands on training and take the certification test through the school.

What mode of transportation was a favorite of Ellington's and is imitated in several of his songs?

The sound of trains.

Where Steve and barry's stores in Minnesota?

All gone, but I still have several of their shirts. :-(

Will Battlefield 3 have transportation?

Yes, Battlefield 3 will have transportation just like Battlefield Bad Company 2 but will feature several new vehicles.

What are the major sports teams in Minnesota?

Minnesota has several professional sports teams.Vikings (NFL)Twins (MLB)Timberwolves (NBA)Wild (NHL)

What is the role of an Organising-Secretary in an organization?

The secretary is the single most responsible authority for the scheduled and systematic flow of information in the business. The secretary is also the face of the top management of the company, right from the CEO to the middle managers. Therefore, there are several aspects of the business that the secretary should be aware of. The Secretary Interview then, should have questions that confirm whether the secretary is aware of these aspects.

If you live in Minnesota what would the first three numbers of your phone number be?

The first three numbers of your phone number would be the area code, but Minnesota has several.

Who got out for so you think you can dance for the boy?

Several dozen usually in and out pickle jar collapse. Ya dig?

Did Maya Angelou participate in protesting the segregation of transportation?

Maya Angelou did not personally participate in the protesting in the segregation of transportation. Several political figures of the day and the NAACP did however.

I am trying to locate handicap transportatin in summerfield, Florida. Can you advise me on possibilities for this service.?

There are several transportation including private for handicaps. There is the handitaxi that offers transportation services in your area.