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Looks a lot like John Powell from Jeepers Creepers 2.

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Q: Who is the actor laying in bed in the Ambien commercial?
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Lying in bed or laying in bed?

It is laying in bed

Who is the actor in the holiday inn express tanning bed commercial?

jerry Lambert

Does Ambien contain penicillin?

It shouldn't, ambien is for sleep, penicillin is for infections. unless you're putting the infection to bed before you kill them, then no, no penicillin in ambien.

Clonazapam and Ambien before bed?

There both used for sleep so, yes, prepare for bed.

Ambien 5 mg 30 qd at bed time refills 5?

Ambien 5 mg, dispense 30, one every day at bed time with 5 refills.

How long after taking Ambien will it start to work?

Usually it takes very little time, sometimes within 5 minutes but also depends on if you eat or not. Eating something will make it take longer to work. But if you dont eat and you take the ambien make sure you are in bed. If you are not in bed when taking ambien on an empty stomach you will sometimes be very dizzy possibly or like the room is spinning and makes it for an unpleasant trip to the bed. So be in bed already when taking ambien

How many calories do you lose while laying down?

I don't think you do lose calories while laying down in bed maybe by sitting but not by laying down in bed being lazy

Who is the actress in the bed-mart commercial?

Who is the spokesperson for the Bed Mart commercial

Can you take soma and Ambien together?

I just did and this ambien is affecting me like never before. I feel very wobbly and need to get to bed asap before I do some of the stupid things I've heard you can on ambien. I wouldnt advise it if you need to do anything but go to bed. And I handle drugs well.

Is laying down in bed with wife's friend inappropriate?

Yes, think it is. Let me put it this way " Is laying in bed with YOUR friend inappropriate?"........I think it probably will be

Who was the guy in bed with dog and wife in the old Ambien commercials?

Justin Bieber having "it".

Can i take Ambien and Zoloft together?

yes, i take 100mg zoloft after i wake up, and then my 12.5 ambien cr before i go to bed, nothing happens that's bad..

What is the best way to give birth?

# laying on a bed # sitting on a bed # legs spread apart on floor # in a bath tub # squatting # standing squat # laying on side legs apart

Who is the actor in the Secret deodorant commercial portraying the groom falling onto a bed with a bride?

yes.. I've googled him but no luck..he looks like Josh Hartnett..

Why is that your partner and you relish laying in bed together?

It's intimacy.

What is the similar meaning of horizontal?

sideways supine[as in laying in bed]

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend is laying in the bed with another girl and your laying in the bed with a block in the middle only he can see you?

It means you are having a bad dream! When you wake up realize that it was only a dream and move on.

How do you cuddle in the bed in sims 2?

Get both of the sims in the bed relaxing and select one of the sims that is laying in bed then click on the other sim and select cuddle.

Who is the woman that plays in the commercial for I believe is Icomfort bed's?

Hello, I would like to know who is the woman in the icomfort bed commercial? Her husband I'am assumeing that plays in a band from the commercial? Also who is the woman in RedRobin resteraunts commercial? Thank you.

Proper usage of laying?

'Laying' is the present participle of 'lay' and as such is a transitive verb. That means that it must have an object, whether stated or implied. For example: 'My hens have been laying very few eggs recently.' 'He was laying the table for dinner a few minutes ago.' 'The president will be laying down her power at the end of her term of office.' 'They are laying odds of 5 to 1 on that horse.' 'The hens are laying well' (the object 'eggs' is understood). 'I'm laying on that horse to win in this race' (the object 'a bet' is understood). 'We are just laying her on the bed till she feels better.' 'Laying' should not be confused with 'lying', which is intransitive. For example: 'She was lying on the bed till she felt better', not 'She was laying on the bed till she felt better.'

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If you are sitting/squatting/laying in the wrong position, your limbs may get pins and needles, regardless of the bed

Which classic movie were harry and sally watching while laying in bed?


What is in the package laying on Percy is bed in The Lightning Thief?

A snake from Medusa's hair.

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