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2006-08-23 14:00:20
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Can you unlock a Verizon phone and use on T-Mobile?

No, you cannot as Verizon is on a CDMA network and T-Mobile is on a GSM Network. This is why people are able to unlock AT&T iPhones for T-Mobile because they are on a GSM network also.

Who is the actress in the delsym commercial where the people are watching tv?

Leeann Tweeden.

If you have Verizon family share plan with unlimited calling to ten out of network people do you also get unlimited text messaging to those ten out of network people?

No, it's just calling.

Is it free texting to people with the same network as you?

It all depends on the contract you have. Some like the "In" contract with Verizon Wireless allow you to send texts unlimited to anyone else within the Verizon "In" network. Others, like AT&T will charge you for texts regardless of network provider unless you buy the unlimited texting packages, in or out of network.

Get The Network In Your House With A Verizon Home Phone ?

When you get a Verizon home phone, you will be harnessing all of the power of the extensive Verizon network and bringing it into your house. If you are already experiencing this with your cell phone, you know just how nice it can be. While you will not need to move around with a home phone, making the expansiveness of the network a bit less important, you will still get a crystal clear signal when you call almost anywhere. You can take advantage of free calling to other people who are signed up for a plan through the same Verizon network.

Who is the dancing actress in the prilosec otc commercial?

Sarah Purcell from TV show Real People

Which rap band is featured in the Verizon Wireless commercial while people in the audience are cooking ironing bathing and sitting in bed?

The band is ddubble (aka ddubble impactt) you can find Verizon commercial track "Move A Lot" and more on itunes also!

Can Verizon people text other Verizon people for free?


Is ATT merging with Verizon?

no at&t is not merging with Verizon. Its alltel that is merging with Verizon. People who have Verizon and alltel will be notified with any changes etc soon.

Do females have cleft chins?

No.My answer is Yes. Actually, I would have agreed with the No answer above till I saw the most recent Vehix commercial with a blonde actress is in. She has a cleft chin.There is a slew of debates over who that actress is and all the ones people have written in about are not the one. You can NOT miss that identifying chin of hers, therefore I say, YES a female can have a cleft chin, and an answer for who the actress is in that commercial has not been correctly provided. Just look at the chin people!!!

Who is the actor in the vonnage wharf commercial He asks the vonnage people is they give service down by the docks as he is always doing business out there?

Wrong company! It's a Verizon wireless comeercial.

Where can one watch Verizon commercials?

The best place is YouTube. People will upload them as they come on. Do note that sometimes they are listed as "banned commercial" when they are in fact not banned. Some people put that in the video's title to get more views.

Are sprint phones compatible with Verizon?

If the CDMA providers, like Sprint and Verizon unlock their phones so that they can be used on other CDMA networks, unfortunately, it doesn't mean that someone can just contact their provider and have them activate the phone on their network. The phones would have to be flashed with the appropriate image and then activated on the network. Where the problem comes in is if, for example, you have a Sprint phone that is unlocked and you want to activate on Verizon, but Verizon doesn't sell the same model of phone. What that means is that there is no Verizon image for that phone and therefore, no way for them to activate it because the phone's series of ESN numbers are not in their database. I believe that in the article you may have read, it stated "any compatible phone". The key word is "compatible" and that basically means that the phone would have to be the exact same model that the carrier sells. Typically, Sprint and Verizon rarely sell the same exact model. Additionally, none of the data features would work, like MMS messaging or accessing the internet. I'm afraid that people are thinking that using an "unlocked" CDMA phone on another CDMA network is going to be as easy as using a SIM-unlocked GSM phone on a different network, but I'm afraid that it really isn't going to be that way. You are much better off using a Verizon phone on the Verizon network and same with Sprint. Currently, if you want to activate a Verizon phone on the Sprint network or vice versa, it would have to be "cloned" and that is an illegal practice and if Sprint doesn't sell the phone, you can't clone it anyway cause there's no ESN to clone it to.

Who is the actress in the Arby's commercial?

There have been many different actresses in different Arby commercials. These people may be workers but are most likely just hired actors.

Who is the actress in the Las Vegas commercial where she introduces herself to different people as Marsha then Ginger then Wilma etc?

Her name is Sadie Alexandru; she does alot of TV commercials.

What is the name of the actress in the Tassimo commercial for bar codes that says milk people over there?

shes done harveys furniture ad and just roll ad

How has Networks affected the way you LIVE?

For many people it has like me. Verizon AT&T has changed my life in talking long distances;PS Network changed my gaming; But the question depends on who you ask the question to.

Does the env3 come with Verizon navigator?

i don't think so i think you have to ask the Verizon people and the will put it on the phone

What does AT and T have that Verizon do not have?

Another company in their posession, and a network where you can surf the web and call at the same time. Although most people just download the app of the website they usually go on so they can open that instead.

What is the best broadband in Ireland?

Verizon FiOS & Verizon Broadband Services offer blazing speed & crystal clarity of the 100% fiber optic Fios network & proven reliability for their TV, Internet & phone products that will exceed your expectations today & keep you connected down the road.

Why does people prefer Verizon to other phone companies?

Verizon is not preferred to any other phone company. However, Verizon FIOS is generally acknowledged to be one of the fast connections currently available.

How many employees does Verizon Wireless have?

Verizon Wireless employees 73,800 people. This number is for Verizon Wireless only. Verizon Communications, which also has a wireline division, employees many more. Source: Path:>About Us>Our Company>Fast Facts

What are the pros and cons of 2011 Verizon phones?

The pros of Verizon phones is that most of their phones are the newest and latest models. And since you are starting a whole new plan, remember that you have 30 days to change your mind on a phone you get. Also, they have great reception as well as a 4g lte data network for selected phones. Cons would be, for most people, the price of Verizon plans. They can get costly even for a simple data and calling plan.

Can you tell me about the Verizon no contract plan?

People that have smartphones with Verizon may have no contract they just buy the smart phone in a very expensive price but with no contract. Just go to the Verizon website and see the plans.

How many people work for Verizon?

more than 217,000