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Q: Who is the actress in the impossible made possible coke zero advert?
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Why did Santa's coat turn red from green?

Because of an advert made by the popular drinks company: Coke/Cola. Because of an advert made by the popular drinks company: Coke/Cola.

Who is the actress in the coke zero advert set in her flat when her parents arrive?

If you refer to this ad then her Name is Carla Nebahru, she is from Bolivia and this is her first role. She is a Geophysics student normally but went to a casting for the Spot during a break.

Who is the red haired girl singing in the coke advert?

janet devlin

What date was the Diet Coke lift advert made?

Poopie, No It Was Made In 2009

Who is the girl from the in the morning coke zero advert. It isn't Carla Nebahru?

I have it on good authority that it is Carla Nebahru.

Who is the model from the coke zero advert?

If the commercial I have in mind is the one you have in mind then the model would be "Namie Amuro".

What is the song called on the coke advert where the people are pulling funny faces?

I think it's Open Happiness.

Can drinking Diet Coke cause scoliosis?

no way. that is totally impossible

How do you separate coke dissolved in water?

This is impossible, because coke IS (by itself) a solution in water, it is homogenous. One could evaporate all the water, but the solid left over isn't 'coke' at all anymore.

Who are some famous snowy owls and what do they do?

Elmo is one of the snowy owls who played Hedwig, I knew the mother owl, Kurgan, who was in a Coke advert

What does coke have in order to make it a possible solution to remove gum?

Coke doesn't remove gum.

What is the name of the song Duffy sings on the coke advertisement?

Its not actually a song, it was only recorded for the advert...shame, it could make a good song in the charts.

How do you make coke?

The formula for Coke is a trade secret. It is possible to purchase the syrup and add in the carbonated water mix.

Can you make briquett from coke fines?

Yes, it is possible.

Who sings the song from the new coke advert with the people inside the vending machine etc?

it sounds like panic at the disco but I'm not sure what the songs called

Why does your chest hurt when you drink alcohol and something sweet like a candy or coke specially with a coke?

It's possible that you could have an ulcer.

Who is the actress in the new McDonald's commercial in which they play music on the coke glasses?

I don't know, but she is HOT! Elizabeth Hendrickson.

How many days after you do coke will it show in a hair follicle tes?

coke metabolize very fast its possible to be deposited into the hair follicles after 16- 24h

Which is better coke or coke zero?

Definitely coke always go original. Coke Zero. Get as few calories as possible. You might as well eliminate the calorie problem considering you're hurting your kidneys, bladder, ability to absorb sugar and tolerance for caffeine by drinking it.

Is it possible to fail a drug test for kissing someone on coke?

no it isn't possibble

Who sings the song for the new Coke advert. The digital character that walks down the street and gives his jacket away.?

The original was from the movie Bugsy Malone the kids sing at the end of it. Check Youtube for it.

Who sings the new coke advert?

If you are referring to the new one shown in Dec 2010 then it is by Train and it's called Shake Up Christmas.

What is the Bacardi coke advert song of the '70s?

Don't know but the tune is similar to sipping on bacardi rum by groove connection but the words are different. it starts with "listen to the distant drums, playing by an unknown band..."

Is it possible to drink 36 liters of coke a day?

Only if you plan to die soon. That much Coke in one day could burst your stomach, cause internal bleeding, and kill you.

Can you get a disease from the top of a can of Coke?

Yes and no. It is POSSIBLE to get a disease. But it is very unlikely. The acidity of the coke itself plus your mouth's own defenses against disease and germs will mean that you will not get sick. I wouldn't worry about it at all.