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Who is the actress that plays agent 24-7 on the Prudential Realty commercial?

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Musetta Vander

2006-09-10 12:17:17
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Q: Who is the actress that plays agent 24-7 on the Prudential Realty commercial?
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Who is the actress who plays Agent 247 in the Yahoo Prudential real estate commercials?

Brittany Walker

Who is the blond actress posing as an agent in the University of Farmers watercraft commercial?

Jennifer Baxter

Does prudential life insurance have a website?

Prudential life insurance does have a website. It allows you to obtain insurance quotes, manage an existing account or find a Prudential insurance agent.

Who's the actress in the Chase credit card commercial secret agent man?

The actress is Laurie Naughton. Click on the link below for more info:

Who is the actress named Jessica in the state farm commercial?

Jessica DeClercq a real State Farm agent

What are the biggest real estate real estate franchises?

The largest real estate franchises include; Century21, Remax, Bowes and Cox, Coldwell Banker, Prudential Real Estate, Keller Williams, and Exit Realty, by real estate agent count.

What is undisclosed commingling a salesperson did not disclose to the seller that he was a agent buying from anther agent?

a salesperson from one realty company purchases property from another realty co. and did not disclose to the seller that he is a agent with another company, what license law violation did he commite

Who is the actress in the state farm commercial playing the agent where the girl as for a new boyfriend?

Her name is Yvonne Solis. She is an actual State Farm agent from Los Angeles.

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One can get insurance by the Prudential Insurance Company by either calling a local insurance agent or visiting the Prudential website. Once there, one can then sign up for the service.

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I am answering my own question. Tania Gundai is the actress in this commercial. I received confirmation from her agent. Tania is a Disney discovery, and if you don a web search on her, you will find that she is extremely impressive! She is Indonesian.

Who is the actress in the leon's furniture agent zero commercial?

jessica biel Actually it isn't - it's a Canadian by the name of Mary Dawson

Who is the actress in the state farm commercial with jerry and his car up a pole?

She is an actual State Farm agent located in North Dakota.

Who is the best agent in west Vancouver?

Frank Saniuk Four Sails Realty Inc.

Who is actress playing Carrie Maddox in State Farm commercial?

Carrie Maddux is her name and she is an actual State Farm agent in Las Vegas.

Where can you find information about prudential insurance?

You can learn more about Prudential Insurance by going to the website, by calling the 1-800 customer service number (800-778-2255), or find using the Prudential website to identify a planner or agent in your area.

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You go there and find a realty agent who specialises in small shops.

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Best and most fuss-free way is through a local realty agent. They will advertise it, show buyers around and arrange all needed documents. ( and NO, I'm not a realty agent - but the one who handled my last 2 purchases was incredibly helpful)

What actress played agent 99 in get smart?

the actress was Anne Hathaway

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That is the gorgeous Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks

Who is the actress that pays Sam's mother in the new NTELOS commercial?

Alana O'Brien. Also the real estate agent in the Century 21 Super Bowl commercials.

How To Become A Professional Actress?

get a agent

What does it mean when a realty sign says it's being sold by owner?

When a realty sign says it is being sold by an owner it means that they are not using a real estate agent and are selling it on their own without any assistance or added fees.

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