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It is not Paris Hilton, and I do not know who this person is, but more importantly, why would the company change the actress? Believe me, the original girl with the LONG hair was much easier to fall asleep to.

2009-03-12 19:23:30
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What is the sexual orientation of Tyler Hilton?

No, Tyler Hilton is rumored to be dating actress Megan Park.

Does paris Hilton wear thongs?

Paris Hilton does wear thongs from time to time. Paris is an American actress and entertainer. Her parents are Richard and Kathy Hilton.

What celeb was in the McCain commercial?

Paris Hilton i think

Who is the current CEO of Hilton HHonors?

Hilton HHonors is not a company, it is a rewards program offered by Hilton Worldwide. Therefore it doesn't have a CEO.

Who owns Paris Hilton Brand?

the brand Paris Hilton for perfume is owned by Paris Hilton herself. she is also and American socialite and a singer, model and actress. She is the grand daughter of the founder OS the Hilton hotels and hieress of the Hilton group of hotels and resorts.

Who is the best current actor?

Paris Hilton

Is Paris Hilton dumb or just acting?

She's not that good of an actress. Come on....

What did Conrad Hilton do?

Conrad Hilton is the founder of the Hilton hotels Hilton was born in 1887 married actress zsa zsa gabor 30 years his junior in 1942 and divorced gabor then 1 year Hilton raped her and impregnanted her he died in 1979 age 91 his birthday is Christmas.

Whop is Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton is an Heiress to the Hilton fortune. Her family owns many Hilton hotel's across the world. The fortune started by Conrad Hilton. Paris is an actress, singer, author, business woman and model. She also owns her own products such as clothing and hair extentions.

What is an example of a sentence using hyperbole?

To say that Paris Hilton is a great actress is pure hyperbole.

Who is the best actress ever?

It can never be officially decided, people have different opinion's, so you decide, not someone else! Nah I think the best actress is Paris Hilton, i mean shes the best! not! :P

How many Hilton hotels in Scotland are there?

There are a total of 13 Hilton Hotels in Scotland. These include: Hilton Craigendarroch hotel, Hilton Aberdeen Treetops hotel, Hilton Dundee, Hilton Edinburgh Airport, Hilton Dunkeld House hotel, Caledonian Hilton, Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor, Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor, Hilton Glasgow hotel, Hilton Coylumbridge hotel,Hilton Strathclyde hotel.

What is the street address of the Hilton Hotel in Manchester?

Hilton Manchester Deansgate is located at 303 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ, UK. Hilton Manchester Airport Hotel is located at Manchester Airport, Outwood lane, Manchester M90 4WP, UK. Hilton Garden Inn is located at 101 South Commercial Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03101, USA.

Is Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton brother and sister?

Paris Hilton has 3 younger siblings Nicky Hilton, Barron Hilton and Conrad Hughes Hilton but Perez Hilton is not related to Paris what-so-ever.

Where can one find millennium Hilton in New York?

The Hilton Millenium is a hotel in New York City. It is located on Church Street and the current rate for renting a room for one night is approximately 220 dollars.

What is the abbreviation of Hilton?


Who is Baron Hilton?

Baron Hilton is the brother of Paris and Nikki Hilton.

What has the author Rose Hilton written?

Rose Hilton has written: 'Rose Hilton 1991' 'Rose Hilton 2004'

Is there any relation between Paris Hilton and Hilton hotels?

Paris Hilton's father, Rick Hilton, is the grandson of Conrad Hilton who started the Hilton hotel chain.

Where is there a hilton hotel in the uk?

"There are at least two Hilton hotels located in London. One is the Hilton London Metophole, and the other Hilton hotel is the Hilton London Kensington."

Is Perez Hilton related to the Hilton Hotel family?

Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotel empire, is Paris' grandfather

Is Paris Hilton related to Conrad Hilton?

Paris Hilton is related to Conrad Hilton through her fathers side of the family.

Where is the Hilton Hotel located in New York?

There's a Hilton Hotel in Times Square, a New York Hilton in Midtown, a Hilton in East Manhattan, a Hilton in New York's fashion district, a Hilton in the Meadowlands, and a Hilton near New Yorks Penn Station.

What hotel chain is Paris Hilton most closely associated with?

The Hilton

Who is the model in the Carl's Jr truck stop commercial?

The model that appears in the Carl's Jr. truck stop commercial is Paris Hilton. She was brought in to promote their latest burger in an attempt to get more business with a recognizable and attractive face.