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Patrice Lefebvre is the leading point getter But Guy Lafleur is the leading goal scorer.

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Q: Who is the all time leading scorer of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League?
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How can one go about joining the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League?

The Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League is a Hockey Quebec Junior "AAA" ice hockey league and is a member of Hockey Canada and Canadian Junior Hockey League. A person must be a professional hockey player to join the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League.

When was Quebec Major Junior Hockey League created?

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League was created in 1969.

When was Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League created?

Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League was created in 1988.

Where did Mario lemiux play junior hockey?

He played with the Laval Voisins in the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League)

What does qmjhl mean?


What are Maine's most famous sports teams?

Lewiston Maineiacs, junior hockey, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Maine Red Claws, basketball, NBA Development League Portland Pirates, minor league hockey, American Hockey League Portland Sea Dogs, minor league baseball, Eastern League (U.S. baseball)

What professional sport teams come from Maine?

The Portland Sea Dogs- Minor League BaseballPortland Pirates- Minor League Hockey, AHLBangor Lumberjacks, minor league baseball, Can-Am LeagueLewiston MAINEiacs, minor league hockey, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

What major junior ice hockey team plays in the Halifax Metro center?

The major junior ice hockey team that plays in the Halifax Metro Centre is the Halifax Mooseheads of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League or QMJHL. They play their home games there as of February 21, 2011.

What is the name of a Quebec City sports team?

The Quebec Nordiques were a hockey team in Quebec City in the 1970s. They moved to Denver and became the Colorado Avalanche. Quebec City's junior hockey team is the Quebec Remparts.

If the Vancouver Giants win the WHL playoffs who will be the fourth team in the Memorial cup?

The CHL team that host's the Memorial Cup Tournament is given one berth while the teams in their league play for the championship (Western Hockey League,Ontario Hockey League and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) earn the remaining three spots.

How long has hockey been played in the NHL?

The National Hockey League was organized on November 26, 1917, in Montreal, Quebec

How do players select what junior league to play hockey in Canada?

If you play in the top junior league in Canada: CHL comprised of three leagues WHL, OHL and QMJHL. You will be drafted in your bantam year of hockeywhen you are 14 to 15 years old, by one of the leagues. WHL gets to draft from the four western provinces and western USA, OHL from ontario, QMJHL from quebec and maritimes.

Does Newfoundland have a hockey team?

Yes. Its the St. Johns Fog Devils and they are part of the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) This however, is their last season. They'll be moving to Quebec after the 2007-08 season. Up until 2005-06 [i think] The Toronto Maple Leafs farm team in the AHL, the St. Johns Maple Leafs, was here. But they moved to Toronto and became the Toronto Marlies.

Who craeted the national hockey league?

The NHL originated from the NHA (National Hockey Association) when a few Canadian teams (Mainly from Quebec and Ontario) met up and discussed a possibility for a new league. This led to the NHL that we have today.

When was hockey born?


Why does Quebec have so many people?

because lots of french people love hockey and quebec is huge in hockey so lots of franophones go to canada espicially quebec for there love of hockey and pocket pool.

What sports do they play in Quebec?


How did hockey get created?

2 brothers in Quebec

What is the famous sports in Quebec?

It would be Hockey

What represents Quebec?

hockey, poutine, beer

What was Quebec's first hockey team?

The Quebec Nordiques was Quebec's first hockey team

What is the Name of the city where Sidney crosbey played two years in the ohl?

Sidney Crosby didn't play in the OHL, but was in the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) for 2 years. He played for the Rimouski Oceanic, in Rimouski. He was there for 2003-2004 and 2004-2005, before being drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

When was the first hockey game ever?

In Montreal, Quebec

What sport do most people in quebec play?


Where did ice-hockey come from?

Quebec i belive