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Who is the antagonist in the stone Carvers by Jane Urqhart?


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October 01, 2008 12:47AM

I wouldn't say that there's a character that is strikingly the antagonist, who is out to get the main character, but if we have to pinpoint one character in specifically, I'd say the mother.

Klara and Tilman's mother: Firstly she chained up Tilman. Secondly she made her husband torture his own child, by chaining him up, out of her own selfish fear that Tilman would run off and never come back. After Tilman's "release" she is portrayed as an extremely bitter woman who can never fully nurture Klara like a mother should. Not to mention that she dies in the end, adding to Klara's pain. Tilman could never return home simply out of memory of what his parents did to him. At the end of the novel, when Tilman returns, both he and Klara speak about their parents in a rather negative fashion. They both have haunting memories of their parents, their mother in specific.