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The original song is by the Lemonheads.

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2007-10-29 14:57:03
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Q: Who is the artist of the song used in the GE Cafe commercial?
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The name of the song used in the remy martin commercial or the name of the artist who sings it?

its come away with me by the elkcloner

What commercial used the song Magic by Pilot?

It was used in a Pillsbury commercial. :)

What song is used in the Nokia 5300 commercial?

The Song Used In The Noia Commercial Is Digital Love By Daft Punk

What is the name of the song used in the Stella Artois The Artist commercial?

Stella Artois is a Belgium beer first brewed in 1926. The Stella Artois advert The Artist plays a custom piece by the composers at Human.

Who sang the song Sade By Your Side?

Sade the artist sings this song even though song by some different artist and remixed by different artist this song was also used in certain television shows.

What is the song used in the newest dell commercial where the lyrics incluse I love you Wu-hu?

The artist is Stereo Total and the song title is I Love You, Ono. Their myspace page is and their website is

What is the name of the song heard on the Applebee's commercial where the word 'juicy' is used again and again?

The artist is Better Than Ezra and the song is Juicy. juicy by better than ezra

What commercial was the song destiny by zero 7 used in?

A&E Commercial

What is the theme song used in the Boston Celtic tv commercial?

What is the song that is on the boston celtics team commercial

What was the song used for the Samsung Instinct commercial?

The song that was used for the Samsung Instinct Commercial was "Signal in the Sky" (Lets Go!) by "The Apples In Stereo".

What commercial uses tom jones's song it's not unusual?

If I remeber correctly the song was used for a mobile phone commercial.

What song is used in the nokia n82 commercial?

The song in the Nokia N82 commercial is For Andrew Bird, its called Self torture.

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