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beverly cleary

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Q: Who is the author of Dear MR Henshaw?
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Who is the author Dear Mr Henshaw?

Beverly Cleary

When was dear mr henshaw published?

Dear Mr. Henshaw was published in 1983.

How many words does the book 'Dear Mr. Henshaw have?

The book 'Dear Mr. Henshaw' by Beverly Cleary has approximately 14,000 words. It is a well-known children's book that tells the story of a boy's letters to his favorite author.

In the book dear mr henshaw where does mr henshaw live?

in ozark

Do you have dear mr henshaw Alice ask the clerk?

" Do you have dear Mr. Henshaw? " Alice asked the clerk.

Which year did Dear Mr Henshaw win an award?

Dear Mr. Henshaw won the 1984 Newbery Award.

What genre is Dear Mr. Henshaw?

Dear Mr. Henshaw is a children's realistic fiction novel.

Is Dear Mr Henshaw a movie?


What is the favorite author of leigh botts in dear Mr Henshaw?

Leigh Botts' favorite author is Mr.Henshaw

Is dear mrhenshaw in a movie?

No, Dear Mr. Henshaw is not a movie.

What is dear mr henshaw about?

Read the book.

Who is barry in Dear mr henshaw?

He is a gye