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Mother Gothel is the bad guy in the movie Tangled. She takes Rapunzel in the middle of the night from her rightful parents and makes Rapunzel her own. She uses her for her magical hair.

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Gothel dur dur

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What will kill the bad guy?

Have weapons and hurt them or karate or frying pan just like Tangled.

How many minutes is the movie Tangled?

''Tangled'' is a 100 minute movie.

What is the difference between tangled and tangled ever after?

Tangled is the full length movie and Tangled ever after is a short film that follows Tangled.

In the movie hulk what is the bad guys name?

In the incredible hulk movie the bad guy is the abombination

Who is Rapunzel in the movie Tangled?

Mandy Moore was Rapunzel in Tangled.

Is twilight sweet?

no very bad movie if your a guy

Is the incredible hulk a good or bad guy?

if the hulk was bad guy he would not have saved betty in the new movie Also if he was bad why would he be an avenger??

Who plays witch in movie tangled?

Donna Murphy is the voice for Mother Gothel (the evil mom) in the movie Tangled.

Whose voices are in the Disney movie tangled?

Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore are Flinn and Rapunzel in the movie Tangled.

Who do I give the Satue of liberty to in Time Tangled?

you give it the guy in the guy by the guy who needs the googles

Is the new movie Wreck-It Ralph a Disney movie?

the movie wreck it ralph is a disney movie .about a guy named ralph that is a bad guy and destroys the building but after years he decides [he doesnt want to be a bad guy]. so he gos to game central and game jumps.This is a wonderful adventure and a wonderful movie for kids.

What does malefice mean?

if u mean malificent then its a bad guy in kingdom hearts 1 or the bad guy in the Disney movie, sleeping beauty

Is tangled a romance film?

Tangled is a Comedy, Musical and a kids movie. Tangled is not a romance film though it has a little bit of love in it because of the story background. Tangle is such a sweet movie :)

Is Mandy Moore in tangled?

Yes, she Mandy Moore is in the movie Tangled playing as Rapunzel.

Did Mandy Moore act as Rapunzel in the movie Tangled?

Mandy Moore gave voice to the animated character of Rapunzel in the movie Tangled.

Who is the bad guy in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

The main bad guy is the Shredder but there are other bad guys might only appear once or twice. In the movie the bad guys are the generals.

Is tangled a good movie?

Tangled is a really, really, good movie for ages 4+ in my opinion! if you like sappy love stories, and remixes of fairytales then you will love tangled. I personally like Pascal.

Is the new movie Tangled a Disney production?

Yes, Tangled is the 50th Disney animated film.

What is the type of reptile called Pastel in tangled?

the reptile in tangled(the movie) is called Pastel and is a chameleon

What is the movie tangled about?

The movie tangled is about a girl named Rapunzel who has been trapped in a tower like Forever and all she dreams about is seeing the lanterns

Who was the last bad guy john Wayne killed?

The last "bad guy" John Wayne killed was Jack Pulford (Hugh O'Brien) in the movie "The Shootist".

Movie that starts with T?

There is Tangled and Titanic!

Who is have the longest hair?

Rapunzel, in the movie Tangled

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