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It is The Union Underground 'Across The Nation'.

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Q: Who is the band that sings the opening music for RAW?
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What is the opening song for Monday Night Raw and who sings it?

"Across the Nation" by The Union Underground was the old theme song. the new opening song for monday night raw is by Papa Roach and is called "To Be Loved"

Who is the band that does raw theme song move to the music?


Who sings Jeff Hardy's opening song on raw?

death from above. i dont know if its the song name or the artist but it is a start.

What band did the mighty morphin power rangers song?

Their music was done by The Mighty Raw

Who sings raws themesong?

papa roach sings the raw theme can find it on youtube.

Can Papa Roach be the next guest host on WWE Raw?

yeah cause he sings the raw theme song

Who sings in raw deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

guy freemanpow

Is senses fail an emo band?

"Emo is short for emotive or emotional hardcore, and today has come to describe any music that has lyrics that are extremely emotional and raw. Bands that sing about things such as depression, anxiety, addiction, suicide and other purely raw emotions are described as emo. It is used to describe what the lyrics are about, not what kind of music a band is intrumentally. Senses Fail is instrumentally a post-hardcore band, but are lyrically emo. So yes, Senses Fail is a post-hardcore emo band." Kaylaxkitten "yah"-emoninjavampire "Well, since Emo is Emotional Punk or Hardcore then yes..."-xXmusic13Xx

Undertaker's current Theme song?

Rest In Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music Rest In Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music Reat in Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music

Does mayonnaise have to be refrigated?

Yes, it needs to be refrigerated after opening. It is mainly raw eggs and oil. It is shelf stable prior to opening.

Which band gives raw theme song?


What is the opening song for the WWE?

for wwe raw it is ...To be loved by Papa Roach

What rock band sang 'Raw Power'?

The band that sung the album 'Raw Power' was called 'The Stooges'. The album was a total of thirty-four minutes and had eight songs, four on each side of the record.

Who sings the new WWE raw theme?

Papa Roach. It's called "To Be Loved" HOW IS LITA

What is Jeff Hardy's entrance music on monday night raw?

"2xtreme", a song by Zack Tempest that currently serves as the entrance music for Jeff Hardy on WWE Monday Night RAW.

How do you put custom music on smackdown vs raw 2008 entrances for psp?

You can't. The only system that you can use Custom Music for SmackDown vs Raw 2008 Entrances is the XBox 360

What is the new 2010 WWE raw theme song called?

The name of the Monday Night Raw theme is "Burn it to the Ground" by the band Nickelback.

Thq why the nwo music is not in smackdown vs raw in 2009 or is it?

Yes your right the nwo music is not in SvR09.

How do you put music on WWE smackdown vs raw 2009 on xbox 360?

Answer;wellonsmackdown vs raw 2009 you could change te music by pressing L3 0r was it R3 oh well but that's how to change the music i am not sure if you could do it on xbox.

What is raw theme music?

Currently, it is "To be loved" by Papa Roach.

What is WWE's raw's theme music?

To Be Loved by Papa Roach

How do you get your own music on to smackdown vs raw 2010?


Who sings D-Generation X's theme song?

The Chris Warren Band does DX's theme, while Triple H's theme, "The Game", is sung by Motorhead. Shawn Michaels' theme, "Sexy Boy", was originally sung by Sherri Martel, but is now sung by Michaels himself. Rage Against the Machine does the new DX Theme "Are You Ready." It's on the album WWE Presents Raw Greatest Hits: The Music, track number 15.

What is the band name who played raw's first theme song?

The Union Underground

Is there a band of black metal style music that doesn't speak of satanism or holy thing something inbetween black and unblack metal with the traditional gutural voices and raw music?

Most of bands use Satanism for shock value anyway and you shouldn't take black metal so seriously. Try Aura Noir.