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Who is the best Canada NHL team?


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The Toronto Maple Leafs of course


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From my opinion... No Canada is not a team in the NHL only the Olympics BTW and GO USA!

Canadian teams don't even matter. The San Jose Sharks are the best team in the NHL.

the best team ever is the Montreal canadians

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the youngest team in the NHL but the St.Louis Blues are the best. :-)

Right now the best team in the NHL is the New York Rangers and the best teams in the world are Canada and Russia Hope this helps :)

Team Canada doesn't play in the NHL

The NHL team in Montreal Canada is called the "Canadiens".

the bruins and san Jose have the best records in their conference

Indiana does not have an NHL team.

The Chicago Blackhawks all the way!!!

The state of Nebraska does not have an NHL team.

No. The state of Louisiana does not have an NHL team.

Montreal Canadians is the best team in Canada because of the number of Stanley cups that they have is higher then any other Canadian team.

The Manitoba Moose are a NHL team.

The Atlanta Flames moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1980 and have since been known as the Calgary Flames The team is the only NHL team that did not change its nickname after relocating to another city

Because they are!!!!!!! GO HABS GO!!!!!!

Indiana has no NHL team, it does have a USHL team called the Indiana Ice.

If you mean by the best team the Stanley Cup winner, it was the Toronto team, often referred to as the Arenas although at that time they had no official nickname.

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