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It is not H-83 there are three bones that are on the same level.

They are...

Sun (number 16), Temp (number 25), and Molly (number 19).

These look cool and are good in games.

You would be extremely lucky if you got all of these bones in a three pack, but I got em' so I'm happy.

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Who is the best gogo?

the best gogos crazy bones is multicoloured fist

When will series 2 gogo crazy bones come out in America?

Series 2 of gogo crazy bones will be comming out in May 2011 in the US :)

When do gogo Crazy Bones series 2 come out in the US?

The new Gogo Crazy Bones series 2 will be coming out in May 2011 :)

How muck is a single gogo crazy bones for?

4 billion crazy bones worth of stuff

How many rare Gogo Crazy Bones are there?


How many gogo crazy bones series 4 are there?


How do you now what gogo crazy bone you have?

You do not know what Go Go crazy bones are in the packet.

What is the rarest gogo crazy bones?

The rarest Gogo would probably be Most Wanted Fist (#38 MW)

What gogo crazy bones are girls?

the girls are Hayato , Okori and Atori

Are gogo crazy bones adicting?

Yes i find them very addicting

What are the names of the gogo crazy bones season 1 and what do they look like?


Is there a crazy bone forum as in the game cazy bones. By Gogo?

Yes there is a Crazy Bones forum. The link is You can chat about all types of Crazy Bones, Gogos Aliens, mutants, Buddies, Mega Bones, any of them!

The top 5 gogo crazy bones wanted?

I'm ging to say Tego-w

What are GoGos Crazy Bones megatrip?

Is a gogo collection from Editorial Paninni available in Brazil and Mexico

What are the names of the evolution gogo crazy bones?

Go to google and type in toy whiz then go in the website and look for crazy bones on the toy list and click on any series.

What is the rarest gogo crazy bone?

The rarest gogo crazy bone is Moshi Fist and Unknown.

Where can you buy The Evolution Crazy Bones Gogo Sticker Album?

I think it will be in Toys R Us and WB Smiths.

Do gogo crazy bones have to be a certain color to be rare?

GoGo Crazy Bones released a number of rare characters per series. The rare characters are not decided by solely by color. However, when looking for rare characters, collectors are aware of the color combinations, facial designs, and names that designate "rare."

Can you create your own gogo's crazy bones?

of course you just draw what type of gogo you want.colour it and then send it to the gogo factories and your gogo might be made and sold in packets all over the world.and evreybody will play with it in their own way.

Where to buy gogo crazy bones in Singapore?

7 eleven, toys-r-us or popular bookshop, that is all I know.

Where did Go-Gos crazy bones come from?

the answer is Spain if you look on the back of a gogo sticker book you will find it says Spain

Where can you buy gogo crazy bones series 1 in Australia?

You can buy them from toyworld, toys r us and other related toystores.

What are the names of gogo crazy bones series 1?

ok here i dont have all but here tremi sun bball... srry

How rare is a gogo crazy bone without a number on the back?


Where can you buy GoGo Crazy Bones in Canada?

You can buy Gogo's in Canada at Indigo, Toys R US, Walmart, Mastermind Toys or Zellers.