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Who is the best Heel in wrestling?


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2011-01-06 14:16:10
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The three best heels in professional wrestling are most likely Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Adam "Edge" Copland.


I think that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the best. Nothing can compete to the WWE ''Attitude era''.


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yes a heel drop is a wrestling move.

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A heel in professional wrestling is a villain character. A face in professional wrestling is a hero character. The vast majority of wrestling storylines place a heel against a face. A face character and a heel character are entirely kayfabe (not real) and do not show there true personality.

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AnswerA face in wrestling is basically the good guy in the match, and the heel is the bad guy of the match. For example, Batista vs. Triple H: Batista = Heel, Triple H = Face.

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A Babyface or a face is the "good guy or goodie" in wrestling where as a heel is the "bad guy"

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