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The best is probably Michael Jackson or maybe Michael Flatley. But there are lots of different types of dance out there so it is hard to say....

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Who is the world's best male singer and dancer?

Michael Jackson is the world best entertainer/singer/dancer.

Who is the best ballet dancer in the world?

Mikhail Baryshinokov is the best male or female ballet dancer in the world. from Sara Massei usa my peeps!

What is the best dancer in World of Warcraft?

The best dancer for each faction would be: Female Blood Elves Male Night Elves

Who is the best male dancer on Dancing with the Stars?


Best male tap dancer?

Strickland Young - he rox!!!

Who is the best ever male ballet dancer?

Mikhail Barishnikov

Is Dancer a male or female reindeer?


Who is the Second Best Male Dancer of all-time?


Was Michael Jackson one of a good dancer in the world?

He wasn't one of the good dancers in the world.HE WAS THE BEST DANCER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

What is Mikhail Baryshnikov known for?

Mikhail Baryshnikov is best known for being the best living male ballet dancer in the world. He originated in Russia, and studied ballet in Riga, Latvia.

Who is best dancer of the world?

Simrin Player!

What is the German for dancer?

female dancer = Tänzerin male dancer = Tänzer

Who is the Best Male and Female Dancer of all-time?

Michael Jackson and Aaliyah.

What do you call male ballerinas?

A male ballet dancer is called a danseur, French for dancer. sissy

Who is the alltime best dancer in the world?

Elizabeth Chapman

Who is Considered The Second World Best Dancer?


Who is the best dancer in the world and ever?

Simrin Player! :)

Who is the world best dancer 2011?

les twins

Who is the best dancer ever in the world?

Micheal jackson

Is Michael Jackson the best dancer in the world?


What do you call a ballet dancer in French?

You would call a female dancer a "danseuse" and a male dancer a "danseur". At the Paris Opera Ballet the best dancers are called "étoiles", which means stars in French.

Is the race horse native dancer a male or female?

Native Dancer was a male. he was also an outstanding racehorse.

If a female is a ballerina what is a male ballet dancer called?

There are several names for male dancers. Ballerino, Premier Danseur or just a male dancer.

Who is the best female dancer in the world?

Janet Jackson and Aaliyah.

Who is the best professional dancer in the world?

depends entirely on your opinion

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