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In my opinion,

Goalkeeper : Cech (Chelsea), Van Der Sar (M.U.),Hart (M.C.)

Defender : Ferdinand (M.U.), Terry (Chelsea), Vidic (M.U.)

Midfielder : Gerrard (Liverpool), Lampard (Chelsea), Fabregas (Arsenal),Bale (Spurs),Van Der Vaart (Spurs), Nani(manu), Arshavin(Arsenal)

Forward : Rooney (M.U.), Drogba (Chelsea), Torres (Liverpool), Teves (M.C.),Van Persie (Arsenal)

In my opinion my professional opinion not being bias i would say: some brilliant goalkeepers are: Reina, Almunia, Givin as they are very consistent. But in the past couple of matches Reina has been of poor quality so at the moment i would say Alumina as given has been quite poor.

The defense in the English leagues is some of the best in the world at the minute a couple of players are head and shoulders above the rest,obviously you have john terry, jamie carragher and Rio Ferdinand but after watching him play two games i think Liverpool's Greek master of defense Sotirios Kyrgiakos i think we at Liverpool could use a lot more people like him he in my opinion is a great, fast, heaving defending machine.

The midfield in the premier league holds some of the worlds best players like Gerrard,lampard and fabragas but one of the rising stars is arsenals theo walcott he is only 20 and has a long football life ahead of him.

The forwards in English football are great Torres,Kuyt and Rooney are all some of the best in the world but i think amir zaki formally of wigan now of hull will soon become a formidable striking force in the English football.

To put it simply, the best players in the league I think is at there positions are:

GK: Friedel/Given - Two very consistent goalkeepers

DEF: Vidic/Bale - Vidic is very very strong and Bale fast and very good on the break

MID: Fabregas/Giggs - Fabregas one of the best midfielders in the world good at everything really and Giggs is 36 and still plays some of the best football I've ever seen

STR: Rooney/Drogba - Rooney is just simply all round brilliant from his tackling to his superb touch and finish and Drogba is fast and strong and has a good finish just a textbook striker really

Gk- Hart

DEF- Vidic,Shawcross,Huth,Cole


ST-Tevez,Carew,Jones,Van Persie

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Q: Who is the best player in England at the moment?
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